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The Client Profile

The client is a multinational insurance organization headquartered in the United States with more than 15 years of experience in global dealing. They offer various types of insurance including health, life, and travel.

The Need for Modernizing Core Systems

The client had an existing home-grown legacy system, where most of the core processes were manual. Managing multiple transactions on the inhouse-setup was an expensive, extensive and a time-consuming affair. Moreover, there were multiple modelling systems for policy management, claims handling, and settlement, etc., wherein the data for all the processes were fetched from various sources. The source systems were transferring this data to the staging environment in an unstructured manner using disparate technologies which resulted in tangled operations.

The client realized the need to modernize its core applications. But the decade-old programming languages, incompatibilities with current technologies, and a shortage of legacy coders held the client’s team from making a move. Also, they wanted to shift their vast database to the cloud without affecting the workflow. Thus, the company required a technology partner that could help achieve its strategic goals. This also included improving the quality of service of current applications.


Management of inhouse legacy system

Multiple modelling systems for core processes

Unstructured data from multiple disparate systems

Lack of centralized system for managing database

The Solution

The client collaborated with Damco to accelerate its technology modernization journey while optimizing and enhancing business efficiency. With a unified approach, our team of experts worked on a solution roadmap and developed an extensive plan for all aspects of risk & captive management, and insurance.

Seamless synchronization and modernization of existing system through cloud-native Azure services and micro services architecture

Damco assisted the client in migrating and modernizing the insurance management system for seamless synchronization using cloud-native Azure services and micro services architecture. Our experts re-developed the SaaS product on .NET core micro services architecture with the state-of-the-art user interface. The system supports internationalization, localization, multi-device (desktop, tablets), cross-browsers, custom workflows, analytics, widgets, rich and interactive dashboard, and reports.

An agile, scalable and one-stop platform for managing different functions with error-free process

A secure single database was allocated that enabled consolidation and managed risk and insurance data. Moreover, Microsoft sync framework was configured to synchronize data between company systems and cloud software. Also, Azure API Gateway was configured for API management ensuring reliable and secure access to the platform. This ensured less discrepancy and improved process efficiency with less chances of error. The dedicated governance and testing program were created to complement the transfer of data by cloud migration factory.

Transform Insurance Operations by Modernizing your Legacy Applications

Value Delivered – Reduced IT Complexity with Modernized Applications

  • By leveraging the cloud technology, Damco provided a highly scalable and easy to use platform
  • Technology maintenance cost was reduced by 15% eliminating redundant platforms and processes
  • Related business process unit costs dropped by about 20% increasing operational efficiencies
  • Enhanced decision making power to the entity heads
  • With a cloud operational readiness framework, migration was completed on time, and within the allotted budget
Value Delivered – Reduced IT Complexity

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