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Client Profile

The client is a globally recognized name in the development and delivery of voluntary consensus technical standards for a wide array of products, materials, systems, and services. Over 12,000 of its standards are used around the world to enhance product quality, improve health and safety, boost trade, and build consumer confidence. Headquartered in Pennsylvania, the organization has offices across Canada, Belgium, Peru, China, and Washington, D.C.

The Challenge

Given the nature of its business, the client had to deal with a large volume of contracts on a day-to-day basis. Their existing process of contract approval was manual and necessitated hours of work every week. Every time they had to execute a contract, the latter had to be manually emailed to the concerned person(s) for approval. Emailing contract drafts, reviewing changes, and sending the revised versions for approval was time-intensive and cumbersome; it generated a large number of files scattered across email chains.

Their teams had a hard time tracking the contract requests-there was no visibility into how many requests were submitted and where bottlenecks may be occurring. To make matters worse, the external parties often edited the contract files without notifying the client, so they had to carefully read the contract every time before signing off.

Since a lot of back-and-forth communication was required to get a contract approved, there were unnecessary delays that affected their bottom line. Under such a scenario, the client felt the pressing need for a digital solution that could provide a centralized repository for all contract-related data, offer a clear audit trail documenting changes made to the contracts, and enable higher visibility into the contract lifecycle.


Reliance on manual processes led to inefficiencies in contract approval

Difficulty in tracking contract requests and changes made to contract files

Limited visibility into bottlenecks that hindered timely approvals

Need for a repository to store and maintain all contract-related information in one place

The Solution

Damco partnered with the client to comprehend their key challenges and leveraged the Power Platform suite to digitize and automate the entire contract approval process and boost operational efficiency.

Contract Management Automation with Power Apps

Damco’s Power Apps development specialists leveraged the platform to develop a feature-rich web application for authoring, reviewing, and approving contracts using pre-built templates and pre-defined rules. This helped the client save significant time and resources while ensuring regulatory compliance.

DocuSign Integration

DocuSign was integrated with the web application, so the approver could easily sign off and validate the contracts while working on the application.

Power Automate for Timely Notifications

To send timely notifications and alerts to the approver through emails and Microsoft Teams, Power Automate was used. This functionality eliminated any delays and additional efforts on the approver’s end and facilitated timely sign-offs.

SharePoint to Store Contracts

SharePoint was used as a centralized repository to securely save contracts and other relevant documents in one location. Measures were put in place to ensure the contracts remained accessible to authorized individuals only and could be edited solely by internal teams. Also, once executed, a contract couldn’t be modified or tampered with.

Value Delivered

Improved operational efficiency, enhanced visibility into contract status, and better regulatory compliance

  • The contract management automation solution boosted the overall efficiency by enabling all the stakeholders to review, edit, and approve in one place, resulting in faster sign-offs.
  • The contract workflow automation solution enabled the users to track the status of every contract-which ones are waiting for approval and which ones have been approved-ensuring better adherence to deadlines.
  • Automated workflows with pre-defined rules made sure that company policies and regulatory requirements were adhered to during contract review and approval.
  • Minimizing human input and constant back and forth resulted in fewer errors, making sure everyone worked on the most up-to-date version of the contract.
  • With a centralized repository for contracts, the client was able to implement protective measures such as passwords and access rights, making sure no unauthorized entity tampered with the documents.
Contract Management Automation Solution

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