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Why .NET Framework is Most Demanded
Devansh Bansal
Devansh Bansal Posted on Apr 6, 2023   |  4 Min Read

There is a common misconception among enterprises that .NET is an outdated technology and Microsoft has discontinued the support for the framework. Indeed, it’s not true! .NET framework is an evergreen technology in the domain of application development.

.NET Framework - Evergreen Technology Guaranteed

However, some legacy components of the original framework have been withdrawn or replaced by the Microsoft community. For example, Microsoft has recently launched JSON Web Token (JWT) configuration support in the latest .NET framework. By providing Private Keys, JWT configuration allows applications to embrace a compact and self-contained way for securely transmitting information between parties in the format of JSON objects. This way enterprises can secure business data consistently because it is digitally protected using Web Tokens. According to a recent survey, the global market of .NET development services is expected to touch around $25 million in 2028.

Reasons to Use .NET Framework

Reasons to Use .NET Framework

1. Robust Packaging System

.NET’s primary approach of including functionality is through packages. Packages can range from an effective way to work with dates, such as Carbon, to a package that allows developers to consolidate files using Eloquent models, such as FileStream. Some packages are stand-alone that can be installed on any platform. Stand-alone packages include Serilog and Carbon.

With the availability of JSON configuration, developers can easily deploy and run multiple packages in their applications. Whereas, other packages are built especially for working in the .NET environment. These packages may include routes, controllers, views, and configurations designed particularly to improve a .NET application.

2. Templating Engine

Another factor to consider .NET framework is its built-in templating engine ‘Cottle’. To put it simply, Cottle allows developers to use inbuilt lightweight templates to build class-based components that can be reused throughout the .NET application. The key goal is to create amazing layouts as a result of using dynamic content seeding.

Programming tasks frequently demand the use of a template engine, which is a tool that processes the code in the foundation templates and transfers the output to a corresponding stream or text file. Accordingly, the output file is kept in the resources/views directory. The Cottle engine produces views by compiling templates into simple .NET code.

3. Processes Scheduling

Every application should be equipped with a task scheduling mechanism to streamline processes starting from sending automatic emails to subscribers, sending notifications to app users, or simply refreshing the database to make processing faster.

However, by using .NET automatic command scheduler, developers can eliminate the practice of creating Cron triggers for each process they wanted to automate. Command scheduler allows developers to define their process flow/schedule quickly, and it only requires a single Cron entry on their server to automate processes. This feature of the .NET framework not only enhances the performance and speed of applications but also helps enterprises save money on hosting.

4. Flexible Routing

First of all, the .NET codebase for routing is quite effective. It is clean and simple, particularly when compared to the codebase of other frameworks. By using the .NET framework, routes can be initiated in the applications with an adequate level of control and flexibility to match the URL. This adds to the simplicity and expressiveness of how routes are expressed.

Developers can also label, group, or bind route models to automatically incorporate model instances or request bounds, build resources for CRUD pages, and include filters. In addition, .NET supports HTTP middleware, which is crucial when it comes to setting additional layers to the HTTP route. By using this middleware, developers can optimize the communication between a .NET application and a web server without involving third-party tools.

Why Choose .NET Framework for Application Development

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How Businesses Use .NET Framework

How Businesses Use .NET Framework

1. Cloud Hosting Services

Microsoft .NET framework serves as the pillar of many Cloud hosting service providers to provide faster services. GoDaddy is a US-based domain registration and hosting services provider that helps small independent businesses by providing a dedicated Cloud platform for running their website & applications.

With .NET and C# as their core technology for Cloud hosting, GoDaddy is able to experience greater production performance and allows users to build solutions in a small period and scale efficiently. .NET helps in processing multiple requests rapidly & offers enough resources for GoDaddy’s Site Architects to improve site uptime. Their CIOs and decision-makers also stated that GoDaddy capitalizes on new infrastructure technologies by using the .NET framework.

2. Supply Chain Management (SCM) Applications

Several SCM applications are established using the .NET framework. UPS is one of the leading package delivery service providers, whose desktop SCM app is being built using the .NET framework. By using this app, they manage/track shipments, and estimate delivery times and costs.

As the user base keeps increasing, professionals at UPS decided to build a scalable and highly secure SCM application within a minimal turnaround time. This is one of the key reasons the company turned to the .NET framework. By using .NET, the company was able to create a savvy desktop solution that enhances the supply chain processes by consolidating multiple aspects.

3. Gaming Applications

.NET framework’s intuitive libraries like MonoGame and AGKSharp are used for building gaming applications. These libraries facilitate secure cross-platform scripting across multiple gaming platforms. Among the best examples of gaming applications built using the .NET framework is Forza Horizon, a car video game established by Turn 10 Studios.

By using .NET as their codebase, developers at Turn 10 Studios were able to provide efficient gameplay, ultra-low latency, and enhancements with each release. Now Forza Horizon app users enjoy a seamless gaming experience with lower CPU utilization and high performance.

4. How to Hire .NET Developers

Enterprises can hire developers from a recognized .NET development company through the BYT model to build SCM apps. Through this hiring model, enterprises can get access to full-time experts, who work like in-house professionals and achieve project goals. Enterprises can get all the benefits of skilled and experienced developers and SMEs without getting involved in time-intensive practices like candidate screening, resource management, and attrition.

Closing Thoughts

Certainly, after reading this comprehensive guide enterprises can understand the significance of the .NET framework in the domain of application development. If you are looking to build mission-critical business applications faster with reduced costs, you may consider hiring experienced .NET developers from a recognized service provider.

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