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ReactJS for Web App Development in 2021
Devansh Bansal
Devansh Bansal Updated on Apr 4, 2023  |  3 Min Read

2020 was a challenging year for all of us forcing everyone to adapt to the new normal, and businesses are no different. With the new year ushered in, there are umpteen lessons to be gleaned from the yesteryear technical shift that we all witnessed across the globe. The year 2021 is the year of great opportunities and growth for web and mobile application development. Ergo, startups and SMEs that are planning to leave a strong footprint in their customers’ minds should opt for a tech stack that not only ensures a smooth development process but also provides a seamless user experience in the later stage. The reason being is user-experience plays a key role in the success and failure of any business.

If you are still on the fence and wondering what framework you should consider for your business, you can bet on ReactJS without second thought. It is a popular JavaScript front-end framework among developers that is used for building robust, smooth, and interactive UI for web and mobile applications with minimal coding. In a survey conducted by StackOverflow in 2020, ReactJS was the second most popular web framework. Today, businesses from startups and SMEs to fortune 500 companies are using ReactJS for web applications development.

What SMEs and Startups Can Learn From Top Brands Using ReactJS

PayPal, Netflix, Instagram, Dropbox, UberEats, Khan academy, and InstaCart are some of the best examples of ReactJS web app development. Let’s dive deep into some of them to gain insights that can be helpful to your business.

ReactJS Web Development Examples

1. Netflix

Reactjs has turned out to be a boon for Netflix, a SaaS-based online video streaming application that has to deliver high-definition videos with no glitch. The developers at Netflix leveraged Reactjs components for its impressive features including runtime performance, fast speed of execution, modularity, and many others. Now, you know the secret of Netflix being so fast. The key takeaway from Netflix is that if you have a similar online video streaming application, you can hire ReactJS developers and leverage the fast rendering features of this development framework to make your app faster than ever.

2. Instagram

Today, it’s hard to find someone who doesn’t know or use Instagram. This popular photo and video sharing application is cherished by youths and adults alike. Even the corporate world is hooked onto it. This single-page web app is built using the entire ReactJS family. The popular features of Instagram like fast performance, image/video delivery, geolocations, progressive loading, Google MAPs, and uploading are all possible owing to ReactJS. The key takeaway from Instagram is that if you can also make your photo or video-sharing mobile application faster by opting for ReactJS development services from seasoned developers.

3. Dropbox

Dropbox is a SaaS-based file online hosting application that lets users store files, photos, and high-quality videos to millions of users across the world. The USP of this cloud storage application is that users can access their data from anywhere, any device, and at any time. Over a year ago, Dropbox embraced ReactJS for its unparalleled features and benefits including Virtual DOM, fast performance, the lesser size of files, strong community support, and more. Today, this online backup solution boasts of handling 1.2 billion file uploads every day. The key takeaway from Dropbox is that you can also make your cloud storage service application faster and easily accessible to global users by leveraging ReactJS components.

Khan Academy

A distinguished name in the world of online education, Khan Academy provides best-in-class knowledge to students through its web application. What you might not know about Khan Academy is that a major chunk of coding of this online education platform is done in React, which enabled the application to get rid of unwanted re-renders. The key takeaway from Khan Academy is that you can also make your e-Learning portal better and faster using the ReactJS library.

Wrapping Up

Today, businesses of all sizes are on the look-out for a robust front-end web development framework that can help them empower their business. ReactJS is surely one of the popular frameworks among developers for building feature-rich, scalable, and secure web or mobile applications. Connect with our seasoned ReactJS mobile app development experts to outrank your competitors in 2021.

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