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Business Applications with React
Devansh Bansal
Devansh Bansal Updated on Jun 11, 2024  |  4 Min Read

Have you ever wondered what is the key differentiator that makes an application a hit or a failure? Undoubtedly, the answer is user experience. On that note, businesses that are planning to leave a strong footprint in their customers’ minds should opt for a tech stack that not only ensures a smooth development process, but also provides a seamless user experience. And, if you are still on the fence and wondering what framework you should consider for your business, you can bet on React without a second thought.

React for Web App Development

React is a popular JavaScript front-end framework among developers that is used for building robust, smooth, and interactive UI for web and mobile applications with minimal coding. Today, businesses from startups and SMEs to fortune 500 companies are using React for web applications development. After all, this adaptable technology helps build user-centric applications that drive engagement and growth.

What Makes React a Compelling Choice for Building Web Applications

  • Efficiency and Performance
    React is known for its component-based architecture, which assembles reusable components to create complex UIs. This modular strategy promotes easy code maintenance and faster development cycles. React also uses a virtual DOM, a lightweight of the actual DOM, which significantly improves responsiveness and performance.

  • Scalability and Maintenance
    Another reason to choose React is its scalability. Its component-based structure allows for independent development and deployment of features, facilitating easier updates and maintenance. This promotes long-term cost-effectiveness and a future-proof web app.

  • SEO Friendly
    Search Engine Optimization is important for driving organic traffic to a web application. By using strategies like server-side rendering, React applications can be optimized for search engines. This improves the web app’s discoverability in search results.

Build Robust and Feature-Rich Applications Using React

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What SMEs and Startups Can Learn from Top Brands Using React

PayPal, Netflix, Instagram, Dropbox, UberEATS, Khan academy, and InstaCart are some of the best examples of React web app development. Let’s dive deep into some of them to gain insights that can be helpful to your business.

1. Netflix

React has turned out to be a boon for Netflix, a SaaS-based online video streaming application that delivers high-definition videos with no glitch. The developers at Netflix leveraged React components for its impressive features including runtime performance, fast speed of execution, modularity, and many others. Now, you know the secret of Netflix being so fast. The key takeaway from Netflix is that if you have a similar online video streaming application, you can hire React developers and leverage the fast-rendering features of this development framework to make your app faster than ever.

2. Instagram

Today, it’s hard to find someone who doesn’t know or uses Instagram. This popular photo and video sharing application is cherished by youths and adults alike. Even the corporate world is hooked onto it. This single-page web app is built using the entire React library. The popular features of Instagram like fast performance, image/video delivery, geolocations, progressive loading, Google maps, and uploading are all possible owing to React. The key takeaway from Instagram is that you can also make your photo or video-sharing mobile application faster by opting for ReactJS development services from seasoned developers.

3. Dropbox

Dropbox is a SaaS-based file online hosting application that lets users store files, photos, and high-quality videos to millions of users across the world. The USP of this cloud storage application is that users can access their data from anywhere, any device, and at any time.

Dropbox embraced React for its unparalleled features and benefits including Virtual DOM, fast performance, the lesser size of files, strong community support, and more. The key takeaway from Dropbox is that you can also make your cloud storage service application faster and easily accessible to global users by leveraging React components.

4. Khan Academy

A distinguished name in the world of online education, Khan Academy provides best-in-class knowledge to students through its web application. What you might not know about Khan Academy is that a major chunk of coding of this online education platform is done in React, which enabled the application to get rid of unwanted re-renders. The key takeaway from Khan Academy is that you can also make your elearning portal better and faster using the React library.

Wrapping Up

Today, businesses of all sizes are on the look-out for a robust front-end web development framework that can help them empower their business. React is surely one of the popular frameworks among developers for building feature-rich, scalable, and secure web or mobile applications.

If you lack the resources to reap the benefits of this technology and build robust applications, investing in professional React development services is the ideal way out. Having the required skills and expertise, these professionals build applications that perfectly align with your business needs and brand value; ultimately letting you outrank your competitors.

So, if you haven’t yet boarded the React mobile app development bandwagon, now is the time to do so.

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