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Salesforce CRM Whitepaper for Wealth Management Companies
Alok Khandelwal
Alok Khandelwal Posted on Aug 3, 2017   |  2 Min Read

In the current landscape, Wealth Management firms have been facing a number of profound challenges, from managing client relationships, building brands, handling regulatory burdens to increase productivity and driving deals. Simultaneously, today clients are more knowledgeable and increasingly willing to switch advisors for the best available service. This has resulted in the creation of extremely competitive wealth management marketplace. Even though the internet has revolutionized the way consumers do their transactions, financial advisors are still many steps behind this phenomenon. However, things are looking brighter with Salesforce CRM.

To increase the advisor productivity Salesforce has developed a comprehensive solution specifically for clients with high net worth. The Financial Service CRM Solution is the most customized productivity tool from Salesforce for Wealth Management Companies. It brings cutting edge cloud-based CRM technology for more efficient wealth manager-client relationship.

Growing Demand of Salesforce CRM in Wealth Management Companies

Currently, 1,600 financial services firms across the globe have standardized on Salesforce, and the wealth management segment is leading the change. We have developed a Salesforce whitepaper demonstrating how Salesforce CRM implementation creates growth opportunities, manage regulatory requirements, and providing tailor-made products and services that create meaningful relationships with your clients, which subsequently increases your productivity. This wealth management white paper showcases how Salesforce CRM uses the internet to deliver top-notch client collaboration and services. It’s easy to manage clients with Salesforce as its available online, offline, and via mobile devices, advisory teams can provide world-class client service from anywhere.

Salesforce CRM Helps Create Growth Opportunities

By utilizing the power of internet, Salesforce CRM provides ease and speed of implementation. There is no hardware or software installation required, and as it is a cloud based, licensed service, you get automatic updates and easy customization catering to your specific needs. As Salesforce is built on the trusted platform you get the ultimate security, availability, and performance you need.

Salesforce CRM Whitepaper is Brought to You by Damco Solutions

With over a decade of Salesforce experience working with leading enterprises around the globe, Damco Solutions provides best-in-class solutions and services you need to meet rising customer expectations, maintain a competitive edge, optimize investments, and drive profitable growth across your company. Salesforce offers the best CRM platform for wealth management firms, and Damco ensures a flawless, successful CRM implementation, customized and tailored to your specific needs.

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