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Tech Talk Posted on Oct 22, 2021   |  3 Min Read

As consumers’ digital appetite continues to soar, running business operations via a storefront or with an outdated interface is no longer a viable option. The COVID-19 pandemic further upended the retail industry, forcing the closure of physical stores and causing uncertainty for the future of the in-store experience. Therefore, businesses are looking for new ways to expand their sales channels, often by leveraging social media networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, etc. However, it’s essential to realize that social media sites are just helping tools and can never replace a well-built online store like e-commerce that can help take their brand to the next level.

The e-commerce business is booming thanks to a wide variety of hosting platforms in the market. For those looking for a high-quality and efficient online business, Shopify may be the best option. This all-in-one e-commerce platform has benefitted about 1,700,000 businesses, thereby driving up sales and customer happiness.

Did COVID-19 Alone Trigger the Digital and E-commerce Turning Point?

It’s not news that as the lockdowns became the new regular, businesses and consumers increasingly went digital. As per the UNCTAD report, Covid-19 and E-commerce: A Global Review, Latin America’s online marketplace Mercado Libre sold twice as many items per day in the second quarter of 2020 in comparison with the previous year. Similarly, businesses leveraging e-commerce platforms in the other regions showed impressive growth; an African company Jumia reported a 50% jump in transactions during the first six months of 2020.

A similar trend was observed across the globe- from Indonesia, Thailand to Costa Rica, Kazakhstan, etc. Thus, it’s safe to admit that COVID-19, if not the only factor, played a decisive role in the growth of e-commerce platforms.

Why Choose Shopify for Store Development?

Amidst the uncertainties, one e-commerce website platform that grew strongly is Shopify. A platform that helps stores sell goods or services with a minimal amount of configuration. It allows businesses to sell a single product or service or a handful of products by implementing an advanced Shopify homepage section, enhancing their ROI, and opening new avenues to grow stronger.

Take a Look at the Advantages of Using Shopify

shopify development company

1. Quick & Easy to Set Up and Use

There are no technicalities related to development, and the admin interface is user-friendly. Therefore, it’s easy to set up and use from day 1.

2. Seamless App Integrations

You can seamlessly integrate extra features and functionalities to your e-store and enhance its value.

3. Secure and Reliable

One of the most significant advantages of Shopify is the reliability and security it provides. And the critical data such as credit card information is always encrypted.

4. Loading Speed is Great

We all expect a great loading speed when visiting an e-commerce store. Thankfully, Shopify has a reliable infrastructure that helps provide the platform with a quick loading speed.

5. 24X7 Customer Support

Shopify customer support is available to resolve your queries and address your concerns 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can get in touch with them via phone, email, or webchat.

6. Mobile Friendly Platform

As per Statista, 90 percent of the global internet population uses mobile devices to go online. It’s essential, not optional, to have a mobile-optimized site. All of Shopify’s themes are mobile responsive.

7. SEO Friendly Website

It’s important to be visible to your potential customers when your e-commerce is just launched. Shopify supports SEO parameters like custom title and meta tags- improving the ranking and overall effectiveness of the website.

8. Easy Payment Gateway

Shopify makes it easy for business owners to set up the payment gateway- giving buyers the liberty to use different payment options without incurring any transaction fees.

Conclusion- Shopify to Chart Out the Future of Your E-commerce

It’s a reality that businesses of all sizes are making a move from brick-and-mortar stores to online space with a relevant e-commerce platform since it offers a host of benefits to merchants. But choosing the right hosting platform can make or break the game for your business. It is time to use Shopify to create your e-commerce store with minimal effort and maximum effectiveness- make your store stand out. You may also connect with our Shopify developers to unlock the true potential of your store.

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