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Automation Anywhere Consulting Services

Automation Anywhere Consulting Services

Automation Anywhere is one of the most intuitive enterprise-grade RPA technology platforms. With a shorter adoption runway, 500+ ready-to-download bots, and vast possibilities of bot customization, it clearly wins the delivery of digital workforce. As one of the leading Automation Anywhere partners, we have expertise in building and managing complete RPA ecosystem, ensuring success at every step of the automation journey. Our Automation Anywhere experts have worked with businesses of all sizes to discover automation feasibility, automate complex processes, and offload manual drudgery to bots.

  • RPA use-cases in Insurance, Finance, Healthcare, Retail, and more
  • Optimized TCO, enterprise-level security, process-specific solutions
  • Faster scaling-up, simple governance and AI-augmentation

Why adopt Automation Anywhere as your RPA Platform?

Automation Anywhere not only automates complex tasks and workflows but is also user-friendly for teams with different levels of technology understanding. With Automation Anywhere, businesses can scale RPA at bot, process, and enterprise level.

  • A leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Robotic Process Automation
  • Robust cloud delivery to optimize maintenance overheads for clients
  • Reusable ML libraries, robust native security, and intuitive analytics
  • Platform with ready-to-use IQ Bots, Bot Insight, and native mobile app
  • Wholesome benefits for partners and customers delivered through Bot Store
  • Transparent and competitive pricing with three major bundled solutions

Damco’s Automation Anywhere Consulting Services

We are the leading Automation Anywhere Consultants with capabilities to translate RPA vision into action

Automation Anywhere Assessment

Audit of IT infrastructure and processes to assess the feasibility of Automation Anywhere development and integration – roadmap, PoC, and governance design

Automation Anywhere Consulting

Experienced advisory to validate use cases and chalk-out strategies on the adoption of Automation Anywhere. PoC modeling to ensure maximum value on investment

Automation Anywhere Development & Configuration

Development and scale-up of RPA Automation Anywhere bots as per business goals – standardization of processes/triggers, security, and governance

Automation Anywhere Implementation

Delivering bots in phases (pilot and full-scale) with testing for AI or other cognitive technologies integration for maximum productivity of hybrid human and digital workforce

Automation Anywhere Managed Services

Management of complete RPA set up and related IT along with on-demand availability of Automation Anywhere certified developers for incremental efficiency and user-adoption

Automation Anywhere Support and Maintenance

Support for bot training and troubleshooting, optimization of Automation Anywhere licenses/subscription, dedicated helpdesk, and service-ticket management

Automation Anywhere Automation Tools

We have certified developers with expertise in all of the Automation Anywhere offerings

AARIAutomation Anywhere Robotic Interface – digital assistants to scale automation
IQ BotAutomation Anywhere IQ BOT to employ AI for intelligent document processing
Bot StoreWorld’s largest marketplace for pre-built and ready-to-work automation solutions
Discovery BotAutomation platform to discover processes and auto-create intelligent bots
Bot InsightAnalytics platform to deliver both operational and business intelligence
Community EditionPlatform to access complete Digital Workforce on the web
Maximize Productivity with RPA – Automation Anywhere
Automation Anywhere Consulting Services
  • Increased Productivity

    A software robot can sort out, organize files, sift through large amounts of data, identify patterns or trends, and aggregate data.

  • Cost-savings

    Automation Anywhere development automates mundane and repetitive tasks decreasing the need for additional employees, meaning lower staffing costs.

  • Time-saving

    Insurance, banking, and financial companies can have several of their processes automated leading to a reduction in transaction time.

  • Greater Accuracy

    Robots through their accurate calculations and analysis can bring error rates down to zero and improve the quality of the results produced.

  • Scalability

    Bots can be quickly scaled to accommodate spikes in workload and handle large volumes of data.

  • Streamlined workflow

    With automated systems in place, the workflows can be streamlined to run more smoothly.

  • Return on Investment

    Automation Anywhere bots can generate strong ROI in a short period and deliver business excellence throughout the value chain.

RPA Development Success Stories

We have facilitated numerous clients to adopt RPA for incremental man-hours savings and service improvement. Our vision, proven approach, and Centre of Excellence delivery model accelerates and coordinates RPA development.

Investment Management

Automated generation and delivery of commentaries on fund/portfolio performance by deploying a bot that utilizes NLG and RPA. It reduced TAT from three weeks to one and reduced the cost up to 67%.

Business Research

RPA implementation to automate data mining for a market research firm to assist in research and compliance. RPA bot automated web scraping with subsequent analytics for a 5x faster TAT.

Sales and Marketing

RPA development to automate updating of CRM and scorecards. The digital bots enabled sales and marketing teams to focus on nurturing leads and speed-up the TAT by 8-10x.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I get started with Automation Anywhere Consulting?

Our Automation Anywhere expert will get in touch to understand your requirements and assess the project feasibility – current IT infrastructure, user skills, and business processes. We will offer you our project proposal along with suitable engagement models to choose from. We begin immediately after the signing of the contract.

How do I ascertain if my processes are suitable for Automation Anywhere Development?

Most of the processes that have routine operations and are repetitive in nature are suitable for RPA. We have a detailed process for RPA Discovery Assessment where we chalk-out the RPA roadmap for feasible processes with a high probability of incremental ROI.

How much does it cost to avail of Automation Anywhere Consulting?

The cost of the project depends on multiple factors— project scope, technology stack, man-hours required, engagement model, business objective, depth of process automation, and much more. Having said that, we aim to strike a balance between cost and quality for maximum satisfaction.

Can I hire an RPA Automation Anywhere developer on a full-time basis?

Yes, you can. We provide ready-to-hire skilled resources that are experienced in RPA technologies like UiPath, Automation Anywhere, Blue Prism, etc. for project development, on a full-time basis.

I need Automation Anywhere certified developers for my ongoing project. Can you help?

Sure, we can. In cases where a different team has worked/is working on the project, our SME will understand project requirements and existing documentation to assess scope and man-hours required. After this, we will offer suitable engagement models.

Can I hire Automation Anywhere developers for augmenting my in-house RPA Technology team?

Yes, you can. We offer team augmentation engagement where our experienced resources work along with your team and make the best out of the insource cum outsource RPA Development model.

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