Insurance Software Development Solutions

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Creating A Superior Customer Experience and Bringing Efficiency with Digital-first Solutions

As the insurance industry continues to make their operations digital-first, they are turning to cloud-based, new-age technologies to transform and optimize daily operations while keeping up with expectations of digital-savvy customers and rapid technology growth. However, developing precise digital solutions not only requires a strategic digital transformation roadmap and technical know-how, but technical skills with deeper insights into the insurance domain. Therefore, a right mix of technical skills and domain knowledge have become increasingly important.

To get the best out of this digital transformation related investments, insurance companies require a right insurance software development partner like Damco whose readily available skilled resources understand the unique business model, functioning of the insurance industry and geographical nitty-gritty, and the dexterity to meet strategic objectives of insurers in the most customized manner.

As an insurance technology solution provider, Damco offers a selected pool of readily available, highly skilled technology resources including developers, consultants and architects with decades of experience across the areas of custom insurance software development, application modernization, and digital transformation programs. By partnering with Damco, enterprises can gain access to on-demand developers and technology experts who can help you define, develop, implement, and support the best software solutions for your business.

Custom Insurance Software Development

Our Insurance Software Development Solutions

Take a giant leap towards accelerated digital transformation and reap multiple business benefits with our cost-effective insurance software development solutions.

Custom Application Development

We offer custom tailored-fit and feature-rich insurance software development applications technology solutions that help you achieve your business goals.

Custom CRM Platforms

Custom-built CRM platform to automate daily tasks within workflow to maximize efficiency across customer facing teams. We can also modify your current application to deliver the system best fit for your purpose.

Web-based Portals

Easy-to-use and personalized portals allow customers, employees, brokers and intermediaries to access information and perform tasks over the Internet seamlessly with higher productivity and efficiency.

Insurance Document Management System

Our technology solution can help you centralize document storage and facilitate efficient and safe access to information while improving your team’s productivity.

Insurance Data Analytics

Leverage Damco’s expertise in technology and insurance domain to gain real-time insights from business data and seize new opportunities while delivering exceptional outcomes.

Insurance Claims Adjustment Solutions

Get tailor-made claim adjustment solutions which can detect errors in loss reports in minutes and reduce loss ratio while improving claims processing time to deliver enhanced customer experience.

Insurance API Development & Integration

Leverage data available from different data providers and integrate insurance platforms with multiple data sources through tailor-made APIs.

Web & Mobile App Development

Create an engaging experience for customers with cross-platform web and mobile apps powered by insurance claim submission modules and client self-service portals.

Insurance Chatbot Development

Optimize conversion funnels with development, integration, and deployment of AI, ML, RPA, and NLP powered chatbots for insurance businesses and improve customer experiences.

Driving Digital Momentum in Insurance Industry with Cutting-Edge Technologies

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Why Co-Develop Your Insurance Software With Damco?

Simplify day-to-day procedures, create a better customer experience, bring more efficiency, and improve profitability with Damco’s on-demand team of certified technology experts and technology solutions.

Improved Customer Experience

Deliver tech-driven and engaging experiences to your customers through multi-channel platforms, including web and mobile applications, for a highly satisfying and personalized journey.

Faster Settlement of Claims

Having a top insurance software development company like Damco as your partner instantly translates into precise and faster decision making, quicker automated workflows and processes leading to faster settlement of claims.

Automated Fraud Detection

In-built fraud detection algorithm detects unusual and suspicious user behaviors and helps insurance companies counter fraudulent claims while reducing the fraud identification costs.

Improved Collaboration

Improve communication among the stakeholders including agents, intermediaries, policy holders through custom portals, applications and dashboards which can help in faster decision-making.

Incredible Project Success

At Damco, we have an incredible 98.8% client retention rate underpinned by CMMi development standards and proprietary RAPADIT framework to complete projects successfully with high productivity.

Reduced Cost

As a leading insurance software development company, we are committed to delivering the insurance software development projects on time and at affordable prices without compromising the quality.

Insurance Insights


Insurance software development services is a multi-phased process to ideate and design a software in order to aid all stakeholders of an insurance organization, including agencies, carriers, and brokers by automating and simplifying their routine insurance operations. The technology stack involved in the development entirely depends on your requirements. Our software development experts analyze the requirements and lay down the best technology stack for your project.

Introducing insurance software into your core operations fundamentally means you are initiating your digital transformation journey. Though used a lot, the phrase digital transformation changes its meaning according to context. In the insurance industry, transitioning to data and technology translates to remaining relevant for the end users and meeting expectations in every scenario. With Damco’s insurance software development services, we ensure you get the best of technology and data.

Yes, Damco understands every business is unique and may require business-oriented customizations. Our team brainstorms with you to understand your requirements and develops tailor-made insurance software that matches your requirements. The cost of developing such a solution entirely depends on the functionalities and features required. Based on your business-specific needs, our team of software developers can provide you with an estimated budget for the project.

We start by analyzing your requirements/query with our experts who figure out the best feasible solution to resolve the key pain points. Once the analysis phase is completed, we get in touch with your team to discuss the solution and technology stack required for the development. After the project is signed with us, we kick start the project while ensuring that you remain updated on every process and phase.

Damco’s insurance software development services aids insurance companies by ideating and developing tailor-made solutions to address business-critical challenges. On a general note, some of the most common insurance software solutions include the tweaking and reinvention of an available software, automation of underwriting and claims processes, document and risk management solutions, quoting and compliance software solutions, and complete modernization of legacy operations with digital ecosystems.