Comprehensive Health Insurance Software

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A Complete Health Insurance Software for Brokers, Carriers, and Agents

The health insurance industry has witnessed a significant boost in demand in the post-pandemic world. Customer expectations have also reached an all-time high- they want their health information to be personalized and easily accessible. This presents a unique opportunity for health insurers to embrace technology and provide an exceptional customer experience. And, that’s where InsureEdge can help.

Damco’s InsureEdge is a premier insurance management system designed to meet the unique needs of the healthcare industry- insurers, agents, and TPAs. On account of its enhanced capabilities, InsureEdge can be implemented rapidly and configured to fulfill the local requirements of the stakeholders. The health insurance software system comes with a range of easy-to-configure modules that simplify and automate core operations including claims processing, policy administration, premium payments, and more. A complete health insurance management suite, InsureEdge has helped a large number of healthcare players achieve operational efficiency, cut costs, and adapt to the ever-evolving demands of the marketplace.

Health Insurance Management Software

Leading Health Insurance Management Software to Accelerate Business Transformation

Damco’s provides an integrated, scalable, and secure health insurance management software that facilitates seamless communication between customers, agents, and providers. Its easy-to-use modules simplify health insurance for all stakeholders.

Sales & Distribution

Insurance advisors can leverage digital tools to compare products in real-time, assess benefits, and streamline customer feedback.

Policy Administration

Create quotes, enforce policies, perform endorsements, renewals, or cancellations with our complete policy management suite.

Self-Service Portal

Customers can initiate chats and view/manage their policies, payments, claims, and requests via web and mobile-based portals.

Real-Time Dashboard

Access interactive dashboards that showcase critical data in real-time with ready regulatory and statutory reports for greater control over your business.

Claims Administration

Our solution integrates best-of-breed products, proprietary insights, tools, and service competencies to automate claim adjudication and enhance payment accuracy.

Reporting and Analytics

Helping insurers with detailed reporting and analytics to gain better insights and make informed decisions.

Success Stories

Ease of Access Drives User Adoption

Implemented mobile and web app for users and agents, so that they could access the health insurance agent management software anytime, anywhere. 24×7 support helped address user queries quickly.

Seamless Implementation Enables Faster Time-to-Market

Enabled quick go-to-market for insurers with a simple four-step implementation process. Gap analysis, customized configuration, data migration, Third party integrations, system sanity check, and post-go-live support led to business success.

Data-Backed Insights Boost Policy Sales

Leveraged real-time interactive dashboard to help insurers gain data-backed insights on prospects, customers, policies, and critical processes. This, improved customer experience and accelerated policy sales.

Process Optimization Reduce Operational Costs

Eliminated cumbersome manual processes by automating mundane tasks across core processes such as underwriting, claims processing, policy management, etc., to boost employee productivity, minimize workload, and save operational costs.


Our all-in-one health insurance software system, InsureEdge, health insurance software for agents, helps you optimize business operations, minimize process complexities, and accelerate time-to-market through its ready-to-use modules. InsureEdge is both easy-to-configure as well as scalable and helps your brokers and agents seamlessly manage operational tasks, whilst saving time and money.

A health insurance quoting software helps insurers improve operational efficiency and customer experience. It also ensures compliance and automation.

InsureEdge, developed by one of the leading health insurance software companies, is a health insurance software system that empowers your sales teams to personalize communication with prospects as well as existing customers, generating upselling and cross-selling opportunities. It further allows them to expedite lead conversions, customer onboarding, and policy validation.

The cost of InsureEdge, our health insurance quoting system, depends on various factors such as the modules selected, number of users, subscription model, etc. Request a free demo of our health insurance solution to get a quote for your business.

A comprehensive health insurance quoting software, InsureEdge can be easily implemented into your existing framework and integrate seamlessly with legacy software through custom APIs.