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Give Your Business the InsureQuote Advantage

Insurance prospects and customers have to go through multiple steps to receive a quote from agents. Often, the quotes are not personalized to their needs and rarely do they get a chance to compare quotes from multiple vendors. Insurance companies long for a portal that gives them access to a large number of interested buyers.

Damco’s InsureQuote, a customizable self-service portal designed to support Quote/Sale operations, solves such concerns. It allows users to answer policy-specific questions to receive multiple quotes specific to their needs. They can then compare, select, and purchase from the list of quotes. It allows agents to receive customer requests, create quotes, guide prospects/customers, and sell policies through the application. It enables a B2C portal for customers that can also be used by B2B users to manage the quotations while connected with the core brokering system. The portal also has a point of sale (POS) function to allow end users to buy policies digitally. The straight through processing (STP) and non straight through processing (NSTP) workflows are configurable to provide end-to-end solutions for an insurance entity.

InsureQuote Advantage

InsureQuote Modules

Damco’s InsureQuote is a self-service customer portal that allows direct & assisted generation of quick quotes and purchase policies. It enables agents to create quotes, guide customers, and accelerate sales processes. It supports all lines of business, such as life, health & general insurance. Here are the key modules of the solution:

Customer Portal

Customers/prospects can select the LoB, answer a few short questions to see and compare quotes relevant to their needs.

Agent Portal

Agents receive information from interested customers/prospects to generate quick quotes and guide them through the process.

Point of Sale

The straight-through processing (STP) and non-straight through processing (NSTP) workflows are configurable to set up online policy sales.

Improve Policy Sales by Digitalizing Your Insurance Quote Generation Process

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Why InsureQuote for Your Business?

Sales Support

Web-based quotation engine for brokers/agents helps increase customer base

Agent Efficiency

Efficiently handle important requests by empowering customers to self-service most of their questions

Around-the-Clock Support

Resolve customer queries/questions 24x7 through the portal

Mobile Accessibility

Generate quotes and make payments anytime using the mobile app


Customize the application to access information in your preferred language

Seamless Payment

Quick capture of customer information for easier and faster payment process

Insurance Insights


InsureQuote is a self-service portal that allows your prospects and customers to compare and select quotes, make payments, and get responses to their queries online. Agents can also work on important requests, leaving them free to make sales.

The cost of the insurance portal depends on various parameters such as the modules selected and the number of users. Book a free demo today to know more.

The InsureQuote portal can be easily set up for direct and agent-assisted sales. Insurance or broker companies can then start selling on the platform to interested prospects and customers, increasing the likelihood of completing the sales.

InsureQuote is a secure platform that safely stores customer/agent data and allows you to configure access and roles to eliminate malicious activities.

InsureQuote works well with legacy systems and can be easily connected with your existing systems with the help of custom APIs.