Life Insurance Policy Administration Software

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An End-to-End Life Insurance Solution for Higher Efficiency

Shifting demographics, changing customer preferences and fluctuating market conditions compel insurance companies to innovate and transform their operating models. Digitalization allows businesses to do that by changing the way in which life insurance carriers, agencies, and agents operate. Equipped with a team of insurance service specialists, we enable life insurance businesses to evaluate risks, analyze market scenarios, observe consumer behavior, and strategize new products.

InsureEdge lets you perform all such functions and more through a range of its easily-configurable modules. This flexible life insurance software aids in managing diverse areas of individual, group, and corporate insurance. From life insurance planning to predictive underwriting, InsureEdge does it all. Our digital platform supports complete policy administration life cycle through a feature-rich solution for a broad range of life and annuity products. A modular configuration enables the software to be tailored to the needs and requirements of individual customers, allowing for an exceptional user experience.

Life Insurance Policy Management Solution

Improve Agility, Efficiency, and Decision Making With Life Insurance Software Solution

InsureEdge benefits include:

  • Enabling faster go-to-market and insights into existing product performance to facilitate faster product launch
  • Simplifying operations through policy administration system migration and consolidation
  • Reducing the cost and improving the efficiency of back-office functions
  • Boosting customer satisfaction by delivering a highly personalized customer service

Full Lifecycle Support

Support for complete policy lifecycle from initial quote through claim. Generate invoices, track billings, and support loan disbursements and annuities.

Policy Administration

Get a centralized view of policies and automate workflows using the life insurance quoting software. Integrated validation and testing routines to accelerate rollout with the ability to create new plans from pre-defined templates.

Claims Management

Create and deploy automated claims processes to improve business agility, reduce time-to-market and costs. Pre-defined claims workflow to assist in quick settlement of claims.

Reporting & Analytics

Get in-depth analysis of important data such as profitability, customer retention, etc., to make data-backed decisions.

Success Stories

Personalization Drives Customer Acquisition

Implemented the end-to-end life insurance software – InsureEdge – to help insurers identify potential opportunities, personalize communications, and recommend suitable products to improve customer acquisition and retention.

Centralized Administration to Improve Sales

Centralized policy administration to simplify creating, tracking, and managing different ratings on quotes and allow sales teams to cross/up-sell to existing customers and reach out to prospects with Damco’s life insurance policy administration software.

Real-Time Information Enables Data-Backed Decisions

Enabled deeper insights into processes, policyholders, and stakeholders through interactive dashboards of the life insurance planning software.

Process Optimization Reduces Operating Costs

Optimized processes to augment collaboration, streamline communication, reduce turnaround time and operational costs. Further expedited lead conversion, customer onboarding, policy validation, and claims processing.


An end-to-end life insurance management software gives you an edge over your competition and helps you scale your business quickly. A comprehensive life insurance agency management system, InsureEdge delivers market-leading innovation that reduces complexities and increases speed to market.

Unlike most life insurance quoting software, Damco’s InsureEdge is backed by 27+ years of Insurance industry pedigree, having successfully delivered 100+ insurance projects for more than 80 global clients. Our experts understand your needs and suggest a personalized solution that supports all your needs.

As a comprehensive life insurance management system, InsureEdge can be easily implemented into your existing framework and integrates seamlessly with legacy software through custom APIs.

InsureEdge is a life insurance policy management system that empowers your sales teams to personalize communication with your prospects and existing customers, generating upselling and cross-selling opportunities. It further allows them to expedite lead conversion, customer onboarding, and policy validation.

The cost of InsureEdge, a comprehensive life insurance policy management software, depends on various factors such as the modules selected, the number of users, subscription models, etc. Request a free demo to get the exact quote for your business.