A Smart Self-Service Insurance Portal

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Co-Creating a Customer-Centric Insurance Business

Insurers are under constant pressure to attract the attention of their customers and prospects. As insurance companies concentrate on constantly improving their product and complying with changing regulations, customer experience is often overlooked. However, customers, now used to mobile apps, chatbots, and web portals, demand a higher level of service and personalization from their insurers.

Damco’s InsureConnect is a smart self-service portal designed for policyholders, plan admins, and producers and is easily accessible via mobile and web apps. It allows the policy owners to view and manage their policies, register the First Notice of Loss (FNOL), upload claim-related photos and videos and raise their concerns through interactive chats. It also allows the plan admins to manage their members, assign them into groups, add beneficiaries/dependents and manage their claims and policies. Producers or agents can register a new business and manage their commissions through this portal. lnsureConnect is also available to guest users, who may want to generate a quick quote or submit a request online.

InsureConnect - A Self-Service Insurance Portal

Creating a Holistic Self-Service Experience

Damco’s InsureConnect is the future of customer interactions in the insurance space. This self-service portal connects prospects, policy owners, plan admins, and producers across multiple lines of business such as life, health, pension, and general insurance. Here are some of the offerings of the solution:

Superior CX

Responsive interface makes InsureConnect accessible on both mobile and web. Its client-centric design reduces the cognitive load on the user and enhances ease of use.

Easy Integration

InsureConnect can be integrated seamlessly with third-party data and applications by means of APIs or through pre-defined EDI methods.

One Portal for All

InsureConnect services policyholders, plan admins, agents, and producers through different user interfaces. Guest users can also access the portal to generate a quote.

Product Support

Out-of-the-box support for general, life, annuities, health individual, and group policies ensures an exceptional user experience.

Business Performance

InsureConnect’s digital capabilities with configurable STP, NSTP, and underwriting rules allow hassle-free business performance.

Operational Agility

The self-service portal comes with cloud as well as on-premise deployment options in addition to configurable workflows, ensuring operational flexibility.

Immersive, Digital-First Customer Experience to Ensure Business Growth

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How InsureConnect Transforms Partner Engagement


Buy and sell policies from anywhere


Integrate the portal with leading insurance management tools

Improved Efficiency

Customers get quick responses and agents can handle multiple requests

24x7 Support

Customers get 24x7 support on their queries

Easy Onboarding

Easy registration and onboarding for insurance agents


Users can view the application in their preferred language

Insurance Insights


A self-service insurance portal is simple, efficient, convenient, and accessible for prospects, policyholders, plan admins, and producers alike. It enables brand engagement and customer loyalty that helps differentiate your business from the pack.

A self-service portal allows prospects to generate quick quotes, thus moving them quickly in the sales funnel. Existing policyholders see an incremental jump in engagement and experience which motivates them to renew their policies through the easy-to-use portal.

InsureConnect has independent APIs that link with disparate systems to get client/policy data for all product lines and present it on a single dashboard.

InsureConnect has independent APIs that link with disparate systems to get client/policy data for all product lines and present it on a single dashboard.

Damco’s InsureConnect is available in multiple languages and can be accessed on mobile and web applications that can be used anytime, anywhere.

Damco’s InsureConnect is a highly flexible platform that can be configured to support customer requirements.