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Engage Customers On the Go With Our Mobile Solution

Insurers are immensely benefitting from the convenience and portability offered by insurance mobile solutions. Mobile technology in insurance allows customers to instantly claim damages and stay connected with insurers, thus improving customer experience. On the other hand, insurance carriers can now work on the go with the enterprise productivity solution. Insurance mobile solutions have become a necessity for insurance providers, who want to stand out among their competitors.

InsureGO is a versatile customer servicing mobile app that can integrate with any core insurance system, giving control back to customers to manage their policies, make payments, submit claims, etc. It not only comes equipped with all the necessary features expected from an insurance mobile app but also includes product branding and swift customer onboarding. It has a ready interface to display data from General, Life, and Health insurance policies. The mobile app also includes a section dedicated to prospective customers where any visitor can instantly create quotes, find nearby agents, submit product inquiries or queries, make payments, and submit requests.

Mobile technology in insurance

Ensuring Digital Excellence With the Best Mobile Technology in Insurance

InsureGO is a state-of-the-art mobility solution that enables users to self-service their policies, update contact information, view policy status, make payments, report new claims, and much more. Here are the offerings in detail:

Instant Customer Quote Generation

Users can generate quotes instantly on their smartphones/tablets and send contact requests to the sales team easily.

Improved User Experience

User-friendly interface is easy to learn and allows customers to take control of their policies and perform transactions.

Enhanced Sales Effort

Clients and prospects can know more about the insurer and products, find nearby agents easily, post queries, and create quick quotes.

Simplified Claims Processing

Customers can take accident pictures and report them via their mobile application for hassle-free claim processing.

Reduced Time to Market

Connect to any insurance system quickly with ready database connectors and easily adaptable features.

Client Service

Address your customers and allow them to self-service their policies. Interact with prospects to provide faster resolutions to their queries.

Provide Unparalleled Customer Experience With Our Insurance Mobility Solutions

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Why InsureGO for Your Insurance Business?


Buy and Sell policies from anywhere

Improved Agent Efficiency

Customers get quick responses and agents can handle multiple requests

24x7 Support

Customers get 24x7 support on their queries

Easy Onboarding

Easy registration and onboarding for insurance agents


The application supports multiple languages


The application can be installed on any phone and requires minimal space

Insurance Insights


Insurance mobility solutions keep you connected to your customer and allow you to overhaul their claims experience and improve agent efficiency.

InsureGO is one of the best mobile technology platforms for insurance that allows users to self-service their policies, update contact information, view policy status details, make payments, report a new claim, and much more.

The cost of the InsureGo mobile app depends on the feature set selected by you and the number of team members who use the application. Book a free demo today to get full information.

The application allows users to self-service their policies, claims, update claims information, and more. It further allows agents to address customer queries on the fly 24x7, thus ensuring quick redressal. It instantly generates quotes for prospective customers enabling them to make quick decisions.

InsureGO is designed to keep your and your customer’s data secure by controlling access to the application and customizing its configuration.