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Harness the Power of Internet of Things(IoT) in Insurance Industry

As one of the leading providers of IoT solutions, Damco enables insurance businesses to simplify and accelerate Insurance IoT adoption. From Health Insurance IoT to IoT car insurance, we customize a value proposition for your company by applying a focused approach to streamline the complex IoT ecosystem, with a solution tailored to your insurance automation requirements.

Risk Management

IoT enabled technologies allows more precise risk management, where insurers can use collected information to prevent fraud claims.

Improved Profitability

IOT helps insurers cut costs. Automation can cut the cost of the claims process and IOT-connected devices have helped some insurance companies lower their premiums.


Connected devices like biometric and environmental sensors allows insurers to know their customers on a deeper level with more accurate personal information. Create powerful bonds, calculate risks and customize policies as situations change.

Effective Business Processes

Improve all the features of your business processes (underwriting, claims, policy services, reinsurance, and customer services) by using modern data analytics captured using connected IoT solutions.


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