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Damco is a leading provider of end-to-end processing and conversion services for publishers worldwide.

Damco specializes in wide range of composition deliverables, including books, journals, reference works, magazines, directories, catalogues etc. By working closely with academic publishers, schools, and other educational institutions, we ensure our prepress production, prepress printing, digital prepress services meet the needs of the learner as well as teachers. We have the capability to provide Prepress Services for both print and digital formats and can be your one stop solution provider for all Pre-Publication Needs.

A dedicated account at Secure FTP ensures ease of file transfer and maintains the confidentiality of data at the same time. With proven domain expertise, we ascertain the unparalleled quality of services and a qualitative outsourcing experience.

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Ebook Conversion Services

At Damco Solutions, we perform cost-effective eBook conversion services, wherein we transfigure content from electronic and paper sources.

While having many compelling features, the main reason why people are moving to an eBook is its interactive nature. Our professionals can convert your documents into eBooks that are perfect for dissemination over the web or portable data carriers such as CDs, DVDs. In today's digital world there is no better way of making your written documents, brochures, catalogues, books, power point presentations, articles, or white papers available to your potential customers and readers, than eBooks.

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Layout and Composition Services

With discrete skills in creating the layout and providing typesetting services to meet industry standards, we ensure our layouts and artwork are print ready.

Layout and Composition services from Damco Solutions are focused on connecting ideas through a creative process using art and technology.

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HTML and XML Conversion Services

Damco HTML and XML services are intended to purvey and help organizations, which are involved in enhancing/ improving their document management.

We offer tailored services as per your requirements, and follow an error-free conversion process with zero data loss. Our word processors, typesetters convert all kinds of document formats and paper into XML, SGML, HTML, and other structured formats.

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Creative Design Services

A book, a brochure, a label or any document whether in print or digital format is capable of building your brand value only if it has a significant layout, colors, apt typography and perfect design elements.

At Damco, we have best of creative talent who bring with them advanced ideas and use the latest technology and finest quality graphics to offer clean, clear and unique designs to design brochures, catalogs, magazine and book covers. The designs created are distinct and turn out to be beneficial for your business. High quality, cost-effective rates & quick turnaround time are one of the key factors that have created our enviable reputation in the market.

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