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Outsource Data Annotation Services To Access Relevant, Precise and Accurately Labelled Data

To outperform, global corporations are progressively incorporating self-learning Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML) models into their operational frameworks, but such models require secured, continuous flow and substantial amount of relevant data for supervised training. This necessitates a meticulous and time-intensive process of annotating and labeling data, with two critical criteria to satisfy: quality and precision.

As a top data annotation company, Damco helps businesses with AI data annotation and labeling services to improve their ML algorithm predictions. Outsource data annotation services to our data annotation specialists who have the right expertise to handle diverse data sets including images, videos, text, through different annotation methods for optimal adaptability and scalability of your AI-based training models. Being one of the seasoned data annotation companies, our data labeling service is designed to meet the unique requirements of your ML project to provide high-volume, high-quality, structured data that can fuel your AI models on time.

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Our Comprehensive and Tailored Data Annotation and Labelling Services For Your Business

Build High Performing AI Algorithms with High Quality Data from Premier Data Annotation and Labelling Company

Text Annotation Services

Text Annotation Services

Get detailed, unique, and project-driven text datasets and metadata with Damco’s text annotation services as we leverage techniques such as intent analysis, sentiment analysis, named entity recognition, and classification and keyword tagging to deliver high quality results for improved AI engines.

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Image Annotation Services

Image Annotation Services

Hire the best data annotation specialists from Damco for stellar image annotation services to get AI results that are more relevant, accurate, and bias-free. Being one of the leading data labeling companies, we follow the most advanced image annotation techniques to create accurately labeled datasets to fuel your machine learning projects.

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Video Annotation Services

Video Annotation Services

Get access to the most advanced video annotation services with Damco as we utilize pose recognition, object detection, estimation and frame-by-frame annotation techniques in the most accurate and cost-effective manner to create detailed and labelled video datasets to drive your computer vision models.

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Content Moderation Services

Content Moderation Services

Safeguard your brand and protect your audience while meeting the community guidelines with our content moderation services as our experience annotators utilize tailored AI models and best methodologies to ensure that the user generated content isn’t offensive or inappropriate in whatsoever manner.

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Damco’s Data Annotation Services for A Wide Range of Industries

Information Technology

Enhance your IT team’s capabilities to develop state-of-the –art AI/ML products on time with our data annotation services tailored for IT companies, our annotators provide complete and accurate training data sets for your AI algorithms to generate accurate business predictions and forecasts for your clients.

Robotics & Industrial Automation

Leverage Damco’s data annotation services to accelerate your industrial automation journey as we extend the detailed and accurate ground data sets for diverse manufacturing processes to improve the training and interaction level between robots and their environments.

Retail & eCommerce

Revamp your retail and eCommerce business with Damco’s data labeling and annotation services as we help businesses analyze customer sentiments, segment products, and provide personalized recommendations for enhanced search functionality, improved user experience and customer satisfaction.


Drive transformation across your business with our dedicated and secured AI data annotation and data labeling services as we help providers, medical researchers and pharma companies by analyzing and annotating huge volumes of data from patients and their medical records, research papers, clinical trials to spot medical abnormalities, develop better treatment plans while accelerating drug development.


Empower your customers with highly accurate and fair risk and credit management with Damco’s data annotation services for financial firms as our services can categorize and label diverse data sets and enable firms to spot patterns, identify illicit activities, and get in-depth insights for improved financial sustainability.


Leverage Damco, one of the leading data labeling companies, to improve your AI models through our carefully annotated data sets for improved risk assessments, fraud detection, coverage amount calculation, and error reduction while creating a cost-effective AI-driven ecosystem for your insurance operations.


Make your legal operations more reliable, efficient, and scalable with our data annotation specialists who meticulously label and categorize diversified data, enriching it with metadata and contextual information for streamlined document management, accelerated research.

Social Media

Extract meaningful insights and enhance user experiences across various social media platforms with Damco’s end-to-end data labeling and annotation services as we tag, categorize, and sentiment-score user-generated content to optimize content recommendations while facilitating sentiment analysis, trend detection, and user behavior analysis for improve customer engagement.

GIS Mapping Services

Enrich the geographic data with our data annotation services for GIS as our experts label and tag various geographical features to create high-quality annotated maps that serve as the foundation for accurate and reliable spatial analysis, further enabling businesses and government agencies to make informed decisions.


Accelerate the advancement toward self-driving technology with Damco’s AI data labeling services. Our team of annotators label and annotate vast datasets of images, videos, and sensor data to train ML models that recognize objects and other critical elements in the driving environment to enhance the accuracy and safety of ADAS features.

Other Industries

We support several businesses across diverse industries and niches including Agriculture, NLP & Document Processing, Security & Surveillance, and more with our end-to-end data annotation services.

Why Damco for Data Annotation Services?

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  • High Quality and Reliability

    Get highly accurate, business-relevant, and consistent datasets to train your AI/ML models better and faster.

  • Faster Turnaround Time

    We leverage advanced technologies along with methods to deliver improved data annotation while lowering the cost to clients.

  • Cost Effective Pricing

    We provide realistic yet highly competitive rates to our clients powered by advanced technologies, APIs, scripts and methodologies leveraged in our data annotation projects.

  • Assured Data Security

    Among the leading list of data annotation companies, Damco maintains high standards of data security with privacy while providing data support for your AI/ML models to assure confidentiality.

  • Scalable Operations

    Damco has a readily available, highly skilled and tech-oriented talent pool to address any increase in demand to annotate data of any volume and complexity.

  • 24X7 Accessibility

    24X7 accessible client support team to resolve all your project and business-related queries in real-time, irrespective of the geographical difference.

  • Global Presence

    Headquartered in Plainsboro, New Jersey, and supported by multiple offshore offices located in the USA, UK, Luxembourg, and India.