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3D Point Cloud labeling For Assured Accuracy

3D point cloud labeling is an important image annotation technique used in training LIDAR as its deep learning algorithms require lot of properly labeled datasets. It is a complex low resolution process that requires dedicated time and efforts, posing a challenge for a majority of organizations to be performed in-house. So, outsourcing 3D point cloud annotation to reputed vendors makes complete business sense and enables them to get high-quality training data constantly.

Banking upon a team of data professionals, accredited annotators, and multi-lingual experts, Damco provides highly-customized 3D point cloud annotation services to a wide network of clients across the globe. We leverage the best-fit techniques and proprietary tools to offer pixel-perfect 3D point cloud labeling services for industries like autonomous vehicles, hospitality, AI in retail, automobiles, robotics, agriculture, and many more. Our team can efficiently deliver large volumes of training datasets and help the clients fuel their computer vision-based models easily.

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Service Offerings

As one of the leading data annotation service providers, we offer internationally compliant 3D point cloud labeling solutions and 3D point cloud annotation services aligned with the client’s requirements.

3D Point Annotation for all LIDARS

LIDARS is one of the important sensors for autonomous vehicles. Having hands-on experience in 3D point cloud labeling, the professionals add tags at every single point with utmost precision, thereby making the object of interest easily recognizable outdoors and indoors.

Detect Object with 3D Bounding Box

The highly-competent team of professionals at Damco use 3D bounding box for better object identification and tracking including the single points with quality. This gives the minutest details like location, size, speed, pitch with class, etc.

Point Cloud Semantic Segmentation

We leverage cloud segmentation technique to help the AI-based model easily classify the object and its additional attributes. This enables them to easily distinguish between different types of lanes in 3D orientation with high-class accuracy.

Detect Lanes & Classify Objects

With our semi-automated interactive annotation assistance, we customize the labeling process catering to the model’s use case. Our 3D point cloud labeling helps the AI-driven models to detect lanes as well as classify objects more precisely.

Why choose Damco for 3D Point Cloud Annotation Services?

With more than 24 years of experience in providing IT services and solutions, Damco offers unparalleled machine learning data annotation at cost-effective rates.

  • 99.99% Accuracy Assured

    Being one of the leading data annotation companies, we strive to deliver pixel-perfect 3D point cloud annotation services with major focus on accuracy.

  • High-Quality Precise Data

    Our QA professionals ensure that the information at all levels is relevant, consistent, exhaustive, reliable, and organized in the desired format.

  • Industry-Specific Solutions

    Equipped with global cross-industry experience our professionals have delivered successful data annotation projects to both B2B and B2C clients based around the world.

  • Global Presence

    Headquartered in Princeton, New Jersey, we are supported by multiple offshoring offices across US, UK, Luxembourg and India with over 1600 strong team.

3d point cloud annotation services

High-Quality Training Data to Accelerate AI/ML Models

As one of the leading providers of data annotation services, Damco has experiential expertise in catering to different data formats and industries.


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Balance Sheet | Investor Presentations | Securities Exchange Commission Documents | Income Tax Statements | Cash Flow Statements


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Statistics | Conference Proceedings | Journals | Abstracts | Research Papers




Aerial Photography | Satellite Imagery | Facial Recognition | Drone Photography


Internet | Transcriptions | Utterances | Sound Clips | Broadcasts | Recordings

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Faster & Reliable Image Annotation Services

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