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video annotation services

Video Annotation Services

Train your computer vision models with high-volume and precise datasets

Video annotation plays a crucial role in training computer vision models. However, segmenting a video into small frames and annotating a piece separately with the right metadata, unavoidable data quality compliances, inherent linguistic complexities, numerous probable classifiers, and volumes of data certain video contains is challenging. Businesses, therefore, outsource video annotation services to get excellent results – timely and cost-efficiently.

Damco offers an efficient and accessible annotation framework that can be modified according to the deep learning model’s relevant use cases. Our professional annotators deliver the best-in-class results with the right blend of skills, experience and expertise. Apart from the frame-by-frame analysis of videos, detection and metadata annotation, and object recognition, we also provide rapid video annotation services for computer vision models.

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Service Offerings

To offer comprehensive video annotation services, the skilled and proficient annotators and machine learning engineers leverage a rich set of tools, a growing array of labels, and well-documented APIs.

Object Localization

DOur professionals create an all-inclusive video data set that has aptly labeled and tagged object segments, optical flow annotations, context descriptions, instance-wise segmentation, and scene descriptions. These versatile data sets allow the clients to train their visual models and ML/AI algorithms with related cues.

Object detection

At Damco, we strive to deliver video annotation services aligned with the client’s requirements. We implement an array of the latest video annotation tools for computer vision models to easily detect the objects of interest frame-by-frame and make them identifiable for machines through appropriate categorization.

Effort and Time Reduction

We adapt to your model’s learning environment while following the best industry practices and use the most efficient annotation techniques including semantic segmentation, bounding boxes, polygons, landmark, etc. to reduce your labor time besides preserving the quality of service.

Pose Estimation

Equipped with an operational workflow that ensures accurate annotation and tracking of subsequent frames, we identify human figures and strides and use this classification to make a training data set that can instruct a visual perception model about tracking human activities and estimating poses.

Why choose Damco for Video Annotation Services?

As one of the leading data annotation companies, Damco offers unparalleled video annotation services at cost-effective rates

  • High-Quality Precise Data

    Our professionals are experts in delivering the best-in-class quality data annotation services with the highest accuracy level by auditing and reviewing data in multiple stages.

  • Assured Data Security

    As a seasoned data annotation service provider, we maintain high standards of data security with privacy while providing data support for AI/ML models to assure confidentiality.

  • Scalable Solutions

    Having a team of accredited annotators, we cater to the client’s demands by providing completely scalable solutions with a quick turnaround time.

  • Global Presence

    Headquartered in Princeton, New Jersey supported by multiple offshore offices across US, UK, Luxembourg and India with over 1600 strong team.

video annotation solutions

High-Quality Training Data to Accelerate AI and ML Models

As one of the leading providers of data annotation services, Damco has deep expertise in catering to different data formats and industries of varying subtleties.


Health | Life | Medical | Property and Casualty


Balance Sheet | Investor Presentations | Securities Exchange Commission Documents | Income Statements | Cash Flow Statement


Regulatory Compliance | Legislative | Judicial | Tax Treaties | Law Listings


Statistics | Conference proceedings | Journals | Abstracts | Research Papers




Aerial Photography | Satellite Imagery | Facial Recognition | Drone Photography


Internet | Transcriptions | Utterances | Sound Clips | Broadcasts | Recordings

Get Professional Data Annotation Services to Train Your AI/ML Models

outsource video annotation services

Faster and Reliable Video Annotation Services

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the video annotation process?

Video annotation is the process of tagging or labeling video clips that are used to train computer vision-based models to detect and identify the object of interest. These tags and labels help the machine learning algorithms to easily locate things. This process is used in medical AI, geospatial technology, autonomous technology, and so on.

What are the challenges in the video annotation process?

There are numerous challenges associated with the video annotation process. One of the significant issues is – objects are in motion due to which the process of labeling things accurately becomes difficult. Therefore, it is better to let the professionals take care of this task!

Can the video annotation process be performed in-house?

Frame-by-frame annotation of video sets is a significant undertaking. To perform the video annotation process in-house, you need to have a team of experienced annotators, data professionals, subject matter experts, and multi-linguistic experts equipped with the latest tools and robust workflows. Instead, engaging in professional video annotation services is a smart way out. It is not only a cost-friendly option but also helps you to get quality results within the desired time and budget.

How can professionals at Damco help you in the video annotation process?

The skilled annotators and machine learning engineers at Damco leverage a rich set of tools, a growing array of labels, and well-documented APIs to help clients fuel their AI/ML models. We create an all-inclusive video data set having the right proportions of labeled and tagged object segments, optical flow annotations, context descriptions, instance-wise segmentation, and scene descriptions.

For effort and time reduction, we leverage efficient annotation techniques including semantic segmentation, bounding boxes, polygons, landmarks, etc., to create a model’s learning environment similar to its future use case.

Is my data secured if I outsource my video annotation projects?

Data security is one of the biggest concerns for businesses outsourcing their data-related tasks. Addressing the fact, we at Damco follow stringent data security protocols and remove the datasets after the completion of the project. All our practices are according to the set industry standards and legally compliant.

Where are you located?

We have our headquarters situated in Princeton, New Jersey. Owing to the time zone differences, we have multiple off-shoring offices located in the US, UK, India, and Luxembourg. Our customer support teams are accessible 24*7 who keep the clients updated with the project’s status.