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Improve The Performance Of Your Computer Vision Models With High Quality Video Annotation Services

Video annotation plays a crucial role in training computer vision models. However, segmenting a video into small frames and annotating a piece separately with the right metadata, unavoidable data quality compliances, inherent linguistic complexities, numerous probable classifiers, and volumes of data certain video contains is challenging. Businesses, therefore, outsource video annotation services to get excellent results – timely and cost-efficiently.

Damco offers an efficient and accessible annotation framework that can be modified according to the deep learning model’s relevant use cases. Our professional annotators deliver the best-in-class results with the right blend of skills, experience and expertise. Apart from the frame-by-frame analysis of videos, detection and metadata annotation, and object recognition, we also provide rapid video annotation services for computer vision models.

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Fulfill The Data-Agnostic AI/ML Training Data Requirements With Video Annotation Solutions

The Meaningful and Accurate Video Annotation Service To Make Your AI Video Analysis Smarter

To offer comprehensive video annotation services, the skilled and proficient annotators and machine learning engineers leverage a rich set of tools, a growing array of labels, and well-documented APIs.

Object Localization

Object Localization

Dour professionals create an all-inclusive video data set that has aptly labeled and tagged object segments, optical flow annotations, context descriptions, instance-wise segmentation, and scene descriptions. These versatile data sets allow the clients to train their visual models and ML/AI algorithms with related cues.

Object detection

Object detection

At Damco, we strive to deliver video annotation services aligned with the client’s requirements. We implement an array of the latest video annotation tools for computer vision models to easily detect the objects of interest frame-by-frame and make them identifiable for machines through appropriate categorization.

Effort and Time Reduction

Effort and Time Reduction

We adapt to your model’s learning environment while following the best industry practices and use the most efficient annotation techniques including semantic segmentation, bounding boxes, polygons, landmark, etc. to reduce your labor time besides preserving the quality of service.

Pose Estimation

Pose Estimation

Equipped with an operational workflow that ensures accurate annotation and tracking of subsequent frames, we identify human figures and strides and use this classification to make a training data set that can instruct a visual perception model about tracking human activities and estimating poses.

Why Damco for Video Annotation Services

As one of the leading data annotation companies, Damco offers unparalleled video annotation services at cost-effective rates

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  • High Quality and Reliability

    Get highly accurate, business-relevant, and consistent video datasets to train your Computer Vision Models better and faster.

  • Faster Turnaround Time

    We leverage advanced technologies along with methods to deliver improved video annotation while lowering the cost to clients.

  • Cost Effective Pricing

    We provide realistic yet highly competitive rates to our clients powered by advanced technologies, APIs, scripts and methodologies leveraged in our video annotation projects.

  • Scalable Operations

    Damco has a readily available, highly skilled and tech-oriented talent pool to address any increase in demand to annotate data of any volume and complexity.

  • Industry Specific Solutions

    Leading video annotation company underpinned by 27+ years of experience in different verticals, including Insurance, Retail, Healthcare, Education, FMCG, etc.

  • Global Presence

    Headquartered in Plainsboro, New Jersey, and supported by multiple offshore offices located in the USA, UK, Luxembourg, and India.