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Digitize Heaps Of Records & Files & Go Paperless For Improved Operational Efficiency With Document Digitization Services

Frequently, businesses retain physical records for extended periods, leading to data misplacement, loss, and underutilization. However, the emergence of the digital era is compelling the transformation of this archived and poorly stored data from legacy formats to digital ones, further streamlining searching, accessing, managing, and leveraging this data. In response to this need, Damco Solutions has come up with cutting-edge document digitization services, enabling data-sensitive enterprises of all types to transition to a fully paperless operation. These services cover the entire lifecycle from physical document collection to delivery of searchable digitized documents. Our Document Digitization solutions converts unstructured and semi-structured data into actionable information and provides end-to-end automation of document-centric business processes.

As one of the leading document digitization companies, we provide end-to-end technical support and advanced strategies for intelligent digitization, document imaging, complete file conversion, document scanning, and data archiving services while utilizing advanced techniques of keyboarding, OCR, and double-key-entry. Our data specialists leverage their skills and experience to convert physical documents, regardless of size and format, such as various business documents, images, books, newspapers, texts, periodicals, etc. into digital formats of your preference, while ensuring a secure, rapid, and cost-efficient process.

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Our Framework To Improve Efficiency and Effectiveness of Document Digitization Process

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A Tailored, End-to-End Document Digitizing Services Portfolio For Seamless Data Transformation

Convert Your Paper-based Information Into Valuable Digital Insights With Document Digitizing Service

Our offering can be tailored to the requirements of your enterprise. For instance, it can introduce a human-in-the-loop for verifications when needed. We offer complete range of safe and secure document digitization services from physical document collection to delivery of searchable digitized documents.

OCR Clean-up Services

OCR Clean-up Services

Get highly accurate and error-free data with Damco’s OCR clean-up services as we bring together the human expertise and state-of-the-art tools to rectify or substitute inaccurately interpreted characters by cross-referencing the original text document with the scanned files generated by the OCR software.

Document Digitizing Services

Document Digitizing Services

Safeguard your paper documents and stored information in a digital and compliant manner through our document digitization services. Our proficient team is fully equipped to efficiently scan large quantities of documents, simplifying the preservation, duplication, sharing, and retrieval of data while enhancing the accuracy of the outcomes.

OCR Conversion Services

OCR Conversion Services

Leverage Damco’s end-to-end OCR conversion services to transform the content within paper documents into readily accessible electronic formats. Through our OCR conversion services, you gain swift and convenient access to the valuable information you require, simply through a few clicks and scrolls in our converted searchable documents, thus enhancing your data retrieval process.

Why Damco for Document Digitization Services?

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  • High Quality and Reliability

    We maintain rigorous quality control benchmarks through multi-level quality checks, and our professionals strictly adhere to standards to ensure you receive precisely what you anticipate.

  • Faster Turnaround Time

    We leverage advanced technologies along with methods to deliver processed documents on time while lowering the cost to clients.

  • Assured Data Security

    When you outsource document digitizing services to Damco, we ensure that only authorized individuals can access your data, while safeguarding your information at every stage.

  • Scalable Operations

    Whether you require one-time large document digitization or ongoing document processing, Damco has a readily available talent pool to address any increase in demand to process large volume and complex documents.

  • 24X7 Accessibility

    24X7 accessible client support team to resolve all your project and business-related queries in real-time, irrespective of the geographical difference.

  • Global Presence

    Headquartered in Plainsboro, New Jersey, and supported by multiple offshore offices located in the USA, UK, Luxembourg, and India.