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Make Your Data Your Strategic Asset With TotalData

In the fast-paced landscape of modern business that runs on data and where every moment counts, a workforce wrestling with complexities of data collection, verification, continuous data monitoring and reporting can be detrimental. To thrive in this environment, it is imperative for teams to have an ally in the form of a data management solution that breaks down shackles of time-consuming data operations, so that teams can refocus on what truly matters- your core competencies and strategic vision.

Powered by advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) capabilities with Human-in-the-Loop (HITL) approach, Damco’s TotalData is an end-to-end, automated, and curated data management solutions for all your data collection, verification, monitoring, processing and reporting requirements. Through its predictive analytics capability, it goes a step ahead and turns critical business data into valuable insights, empowering businesses to make highly informed decisions. With scalability and flexibility in its core, TotalData efficiently integrates with existing systems and diverse data sources and moves data operations to the back-office while bringing precision, excellence, and compliance in every facet of data management.

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Make The Strategic Move Toward Data Excellence With Total Data

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TotalData helps businesses address the complex data management challenges

  • Poor data quality with errors and gaps
  • Lack of standardization in data format & structure
  • Lacks real-time data updation and validation
  • Poor data governance framework
  • Limited adherence to compliances and security guidelines
  • Cost intensive and time-consuming processes
  • Inability to scale according to business needs

Navigating The Complexities of Data Management With Next-gen Modular Services



Extract business relevant, accurate, and complete data from diverse commercial and public data sources as well as from your existing database with TotalCollect, a holistic data collection solution.



Validate and curate the newly collected data or existing database through HITL approach to minimize inconsistency, errors and improve relevancy through TotalValidate, a comprehensive data validation solution.



Get the validated enriched, cleansed, formatted and converted as per business rules to get high quality desired data in the required formats with TotalProcess, a highly automated data processing solution.



Add a layer AI/ML powered predictive analytics and BI dashboard capabilities on the high-quality datasets to get valuable insights for informed decision-making with TotalAnalysis, an end-to-end data analytics and reporting

TotalData’s Technological Dexterity: A Combination of Innovation & Excellence

Ease of Customization, Flexibility, & Scalability

Tailor TotalData to match your unique business criteria, industry-specific requirements while scaling it up & down to accommodate the dynamic data volumes.

Advanced Intelligent Technology Integration

Enhance data accuracy, quality, and reliability through AI/ML and RPA-powered automated and intelligent data collection and processing.

Ease of Integration with Existing Systems

Expedite data collection processes by breaking down data silos through seamless integration of TotalData with your existing infrastructure, disparate data sources, and systems.

Predictive Analytics & Insights

Gain holistic insights and recommendations for informed-decision making through data-driven intelligence derived from collated data.

Intelligent Reporting

Harness real-time reporting capabilities to access up-to-date and latest data for highly informed decision-making.

User-friendly Interface

Simplify data collection and retrieval process through a highly intuitive and user-friendly interface.

Robust Security Measures & Compliance Adherence

Mitigate data security issues and maintain data confidentiality and integrity through robust security measures and strict adherence to industry regulations and compliances.

Ongoing Support & Training

Empower your teams to leverage the optimal potential of TotalData through regular support and training services and keep them up-to-date on best practices and new features.

Ushering In The Era of Data Excellence With TotalData, A Holistic Data Management Solution

80% Improved Data Collection Turn-around-time with Automation

60%+ Reduction in Operational Cost

Strict Adherence to Data Protection Regulations

99%+ Accuracy of the Collected Data

Improved Quality of Collected Data

Greater Data Security & Confidentiality

24X7 Access to Technology & Highly skilled Data Professionals

Enhanced Control Over Data Collection Operation

Why Damco?

data management with totaldata

  • We are a Big Small Company

    Big in terms of wide coverage of technology, maturity of processes and complexity of projects delivered; small in terms of less hierarchy, unmatched attention and agility.

  • More Than Two and a Half Decades of Experience

    Demonstrated 27+ years of experience in delivering IT services & solutions to customers worldwide.

  • Delivering Solutions Befitting Your Needs

    With expertise in emerging & legacy technologies, we deliver best-suited solutions appropriate for your business needs.

  • With Best-In-Class Expertise

    Functional competence and technology expertise for a broad range of industries and platforms.

  • We are Global

    2500+ strong team across USA, Europe, and USA.

  • And Flexible Too

    Offer flexible engagement models. Teams can be made available onsite, nearshore, offshore, or in a hybrid engagement.

  • Focused On Quality

    Commitment to Quality and Established Engineering Processes, ISO & CMMI certified organization.

  • Ensuring Success. Always

    We are committed to partner-centric business model building sustainable relationships taking full ownership of the engagement success.

Bring in data excellence to drive highly informed decisions with TotalData

Leverage TotalData to manage all data requirements, right from data collection to detailed insights with improved precision and empower your teams to make better decisions.

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