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Offline Data Entry Services

Employ Our Offline Data Capture Services to Increase Operational Efficiency

Organizing a pile of offline data into a database for generating meaningful insights is a humongous task for companies dealing with markets such as insurance, real- estate, taxation, etc. To recruit, train and manage workforce specializing in the business specific offline data entry process, significant time and monetary investment are required. Damco being an experienced player in offline data entry services has been associated with diverse markets and business processes assisting with their non-core and redundant processes such as capturing data from survey forms, credit card forms, receipts, invoices, mortgage documents, and more.

We provide cost effective, optimized, and time-efficient solutions to outsource offline data entry services under a stringent secure protocol. Our offline data entry professionals employ double and triple entry techniques for the best turnaround-time possible and QA professionals ensure that the data is 100% accurate and aligns to the prerequisites of the project.

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Service offerings for Offline Data Entry Services

We are ISO 9001:2008 and CMMi certified company that you can bank upon for absolute security of sensitive business information. With our competitive pricing, 24×7 client support, and dedicated project management; we have earned long term associations with global partners for their digital asset management.

We offer a spectrum of offline data entry services for different markets and business sizes such as:

  • Offline entry of Insurance Claims
  • Offline entry of Property Lease
  • Offline Data Collection
  • Offline entry into Databases
  • Offline entry of Business Cards, Product Catalogs, E-books
  • Offline Data Capture of Tax Forms
  • Offline entry of Medical Records
  • Offline entry of Invoices, Receipts, and Bills
  • Offline Data Capture of Surveys
  • Offline entry of data in MS Excel and MS Word
  • Offline Data Capture of Payroll Data
  • Offline entry of Mailing Lists, Subscriptions
  • Offline entry of Bill of Lading and Logistics Receipts
  • Conversion of offline data to another format

Why Choose Damco for Offline Data Entry Services

24+ years of domain expertise in the execution of data entry and management projects to enable efficient, thorough and accurate output for different industries.

  • We Commit 99.99% Accuracy

    Without accuracy in data extraction for web research, outcomes may mislead and confuse the data analysts and insights will deviate from the goal.

  • Genuine 10000 Surveys/Month

    Surveys and forms tell you what other sources can’t. We get you authentic results as we take this process very seriously. Our numbers are the best in the industry./p>

  • Generate over 25000 Leads/Month

    Our web research experts truly understand the idea behind the process and strive to generate an exponential amount of leads for the clients.

  • Presence in over 32 Countries

    Headquartered in Princeton, New Jersey supported by multiple offshore offices. Over 1600 strong team with tech excellence across continents.

offline data entry services

Industries We Serve

Real Estate/Mortgage

Realtors and mortgage companies need to have easy access to real-time data. Damco’s data entry and data management solutions are tailored specifically for the real estate/mortgage sector to improve operational efficiency and build a scalable environment besides saving their time and cost.


With a wealth of over two decades of experience in offering innovative and end-to-end solutions for the banking and financial institutions, we provide better products, services, and a superior customer experience to ensure transparency, quality, and cost-effectiveness.

Market Research

Damco Solutions help you gain insights on the target audience, forecasting marketing trends, evaluating competitors’ strategy with a broad range of web research services, thus helping marketing and web research clients make informed decisions.

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Make The Data Work for You

Learn more about our Data Entry Services and how we can help you overcome data challenges and deliver business value to help you leverage data to improve operational efficiency.

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