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Reimagine User Experience With Self-Service Mobile and Web Applications

In this age of instant gratification, customers are becoming increasingly demanding and less tolerant of poor online experiences. They expect insurance companies to provide them with self-service tools such as customer portals to help them find exactly what they are looking for, just when they need it. A responsive customer portal can address most of their needs, without requiring them to look elsewhere when they face a problem.

Damco’s customizable mobile app and web portal for insurance help your business create transparency and trust within your user base and minimize repetitive tasks to free your support team to focus on other critical issues. The web portal and mobile apps also help boost satisfaction scores as your customers get responses to their policy-related queries without any delay. The access-controlled portals also act as a repository for your customer’s policies, claims, payment information and other personal details which can be used to personalize your offerings and cater to individual needs.

Self-Service Mobile & Web Applications

Interactive Customer Portals to Deliver on Modern Customer Needs

We design state-of-the-art customer portals to help you deliver an unparalleled experience to users. The salient features of our customer portal include:


Customers can view, manage, renew policies, resolve queries, and make payments without additional help.

Access Anytime, Anywhere

Customers, agents, and carriers can access the application via mobile or web app from anywhere 24×7.

Easy Onboarding

Facilitate seamless onboarding of customers and prospects into your system using the customer portal.

Feedback Management

View and manage customer feedback in real-time, so that your business can collate the data to improve products and services.

Success Stories

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Portal Implementation Improves Customer Satisfaction

Successfully implemented Microsoft Dynamics 365 portal for an insurer helping them onboard customers seamlessly and personalize campaigns to target specific customer segments. This vastly improved their customer satisfaction scores and, in turn, bolstered their retention rates.

AI-Driven Customer Portal Reduces Service Costs

Leveraging AI and ML to help users take control of their policies, claims, and queries, we freed agents to handle more complex service requests, helping reduce their workload significantly. The insurer was able to optimize its workforce and minimize operational and service costs.

Insurance Web Portal and Mobile App Enable 24x7x365 Customer Support

Mobile and web portal for insurance carriers, agencies, and brokers offered customers anytime, anywhere, and any-device access to the user-friendly customer portal where their service requests were resolved immediately.

Personalized Customer Engagement Improves Policy Sales

Data-backed insights helped insurers create personalized offers and campaigns to target individual customers. Receiving the right-fit offer at the opportune moment helped convert prospects to customers and nudged the existing customers to renew their policies before expiry dates.


Customer portals are not a differentiating factor but a must-have in today’s overly-competitive insurance industry. Customers expect to self-service most of their requests and manage policies, queries, and more on their own without any external help. A customer portal frees your support personnel for complex requests and helps you boost customer satisfaction and reduce service costs.

Mobile apps allow customers to get in touch with carriers, agents and brokers anytime, anywhere, and from any device, thus opening multiple opportunities for insurers to convert prospects to customers, improve the experience of existing customers, and boost retention.

Damco’s 27+ years of experience in the insurance industry endows us with the ability to understand our customers’ goals, preferences, and pain points, and deliver solutions that best serve their changing requirements.
Our customer portals are custom built to suit the unique needs of your insurance operations and have been successfully implemented for many leading insurers so far.

Yes. Damco undertakes insurance web portal development with customer data security as a top priority. Our access-controlled portal ensures that your customers’ data can be accessed by authorized personnel only.

Yes, Damco’s customer portal comes with custom APIs that seamlessly connect and work with your existing infrastructure.