Insurance Chatbot Solutions

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Modernize Customer Experience With Insurance Chatbots

As customers have become more empowered through advancements in technology, insurers look for innovative solutions such as chatbots to improve customer interactions. As customers have become more empowered through advancements in technology, insurers look for innovative solutions such as chatbots to improve customer interactions. Damco specializes in the development, integration, and deployment of AI chatbots for insurance businesses. Built using advanced technologies including AI, machine learning, RPA, and NLP, our chatbot solutions enable insurance companies to optimize conversion funnels and augment customer experiences. Our insurance chatbot services portfolio comprises development & deployment of virtual agents, multilingual voice bots, RPA-powered chatbots, and conversation-building applications.

We transform customer interactions into intelligent conversations by implementing AI-enabled chatbot for insurance companies while keeping their data secured and protected. Our highly secure and insurance standards-compliant smart bots attend to every customer with human-like communication— delivering a personalized experience to customers, reducing the burden on agents, and taking staff efficiency to the next level.

Insurance Chatbots

Our Insurance Chatbot Services

From answering FAQs and customer onboarding to underwriting and automated claims processing, our insurance chatbot solutions allow companies to leverage the power of conversational AI in meeting customer expectations.

Custom Chatbot Development

Customer experience design- UI/ UX, workflow automation, function-specific voice/chatbots, multi-channel compatible bots for websites, social media channels, and mobile apps.

Deployment & Integration

On-premise/cloud-based deployment on any existing messenger platform, bot training, and seamless integration with CRMs & other business systems for consistent customer experience.

Chatbot Testing & Support

Technical support and help desk for bot deployment, validation & testing of conversational flow, NLP score, bot accuracy, UI/ UX, and speed.

Insurance Chatbots for Improved Customer Assistance

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Success Stories

Virtual Assistant Amplifies Lead Conversion

Implemented a virtual assistant programmed with automated inbound requests that took over the task of handling complex user queries to an extent and contributed significantly toward converting leads into valuable customers.

Chatbot-CRM Integration Helps Reduce Overheads

Integrated a virtual customer assistant with Insurance CRM and reduced the number of inbound calls to live agents,capacitating them to attend to more customer queries with better first call resolution (FCR) rate at lowered FTE costs.

AI-Enabled Bot Escalates Business Revenue

Implementation of artificial intelligence-powered bots assisted customers in buying policies based on response analysis and product comparison.This contributed to up-selling of additional products, boosting the overall revenue.

Chatbot Implementation Results in Faster, Better Customer Service

Deployed an intuitive chatbot for handling routine customer interactions.This expedited customers’ buying journey and bolstered engagement, all while reducing dependence on human agents.


Insurance chatbots are AI-enabled software applications used in place of humans for online communication with prospects and policyholders.

Chatbots are used as business accelerators in the insurance industry. They aid insurers in responding to customer queries promptly, guiding them through policy-related functions, expediting claims process cycles, and keeping them engaged when no agent is available to interact.

Sure, we can help you with insurance chatbot development. We have been serving insurance businesses with innovative technology solutions for over 25 years. From intuitive chatbot design to hassle-free deployment, we offer end-to-end chatbot services.

The cost of chatbots for insurance agents depends on the functions and features you want to be included in your application. But for sure,deploying a chatbot can save you big on operational costs, while amplifying your business opportunities.

Of course. Insurance bots make great conversationalists. Insurance AI chatbots can recognize the user, manage content, make recommendations, deliver personalized quotes, and do much more.