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Data Processing Services

Online Data Processing Firm Offering Best-in-class Digital Asset Management

In a tough economy putting pressure on margins coupled with empowered end-users demanding best-in-class offerings, it becomes imperative to cut through the competition employing accurate data for uncovering actionable insights. Damco’s online data processing services assist companies to conform to their customer’s expectations while at the same time maintaining profitability. We provide end-to-end online data processing solutions such as data entry, data indexing for easy retrieval, data conversion, and analysis to gather tactical insights and hence facilitate major business decisions.

Being a leading data processing service provider, we offer bespoke cost-effective solutions for every industry vertical in alignment to business goals to free bandwidth of onsite employees, reduce operational cost, and increase process efficiency. We are associated with global clients with an enviable record of repeat business. Listed under top data processing firms, we take pride in delivering information with utmost accuracy and stringent security within stipulated turnaround time. We utilize File Transfer Protocol (FTP) or Virtual Private Network (VPN) to ensure that there is no data hosted locally on our systems.


Service Offerings for Data Processing Services

Data Annotation Services

As a reliable data processing service provider, Damco offers data annotation in machine learning, artificial intelligence, autonomous vehicles, robotics and image recognition. Having a diverse pool of accredited professionals, access to the most advanced tools, cutting-edge technologies, and proven operational techniques, we constantly strive to improvise the quality of our client’s AI algorithm predictions. Read More >>

Data Entry Services

Damco’s data processing services include both online data entry and offline data entry from any digitized format or a handwritten document. We have a large pool of highly competent data entry professionals who you can bank on for accuracy and speed. Outsource data processing services to us and our flexible delivery models with unmatched efficiency will help you get an edge over your competitors. Read More >>

Data Conversion Services

Data conversion is a part of the transition of any business and requires modifying the actual format of the existing data into a new usable format. Being one of the most trusted data processing companies, Damco helps its clients to convert large volumes of data to an easily retrievable format. We bring the most advanced software across multiple platforms to carry out the data conversion process in an efficient manner. Read More >>

Form and Document Processing Services

Every organization uses a variety of forms, such as Invoices, Vouchers, Survey Forms, Insurance Papers, Financial and Legal Documents, Purchase Orders, Tax Statements, etc. Through our data processing solutions, we help them to streamline and easily retrieve forms to carry out their business smoothly. With cutting-edge technology and proven methodology, we deliver a wide spectrum of forms processing services and data management services. Read More >>

Data Cleansing and Formatting Services

Damco helps its clients by providing clean, consistent and up-to-date data. By online data processing, we deliver customized data cleansing and formatting services at cost-effective rates. Outsource data processing services to our team of highly skilled resources and ensure accuracy in the various techniques they implement. Every record is checked manually, cleaned and updated at systematic intervals. Read More >>

Scanning and Indexing Services

Through our business vertical optimized offline data processing services, we help you with resources to preserve the data – by carrying out scanning, arranging documents and indexing, practically the whole of business data processing. Our scanning and indexing process starts with an end-to-end business assessment that looks at your pain points and identifies what needs to be captured and how. Read More >>

PDF Accessibility Services

Damco’s PDF Accessibility services take care of the complete remediation pipeline. From the addition of appropriate alt-tags to images to meeting color-contrast requirements– we ensure that the reading order conveys the author’s intent. With a streamlined remediation framework, we assist organizations of different verticals in achieving enhanced accessibility for differently abled users. Read More >>

Smart Data Transformation

Damco’s Smart Data Transformation solution helps you turn raw and unstructured data into tagged and schema-compliant structured XML for AI/ML applications, data products, and analytics. We leverage RPA, AI, ML, and advanced OCR to help you with automated web data collection, extraction, formatting, and tagging. You get high-quality data at a faster speed and at effective prices. Read More >>

Why Choose Damco for Data Processing Services?

27+ years of domain expertise in the execution of data entry and management projects to enable efficient, thorough and accurate output for different industries.

  • We Commit 99.99% Accuracy

    Without accuracy in data entry and processing, outcomes may mislead and confuse the data analysts and insights will deviate from the goal.

  • Genuine 10000 Surveys/Month

    Surveys and forms tell you what other sources can’t. As a data processing solutions firm, we provide you with authentic results as we take this process very seriously. Our numbers are the best in the industry.

  • Generate over 25000 Leads/Month

    Our data entry experts truly understand the idea behind the process and strive to generate an exponential amount of leads for the clients.

  • Global Presence

    Headquartered in Plainsboro, New Jersey supported by multiple offshore offices. Over 1600 strong team across continents.

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Industries We Serve

We have served diverse industry verticals and offered customized solutions as per their niche. With high-quality output and 24×7 client assistance, we helped them score business goals—cost-efficiently and timely. Some of the prominent industries we extend our data processing outsourcing services to are listed below.

data processing for real estate

Real Estate/Mortgage

Realtors and mortgage companies need to have easy access to real-time data. Damco as one of the most renowned data processing companies, provides data entry and data management solutions tailored specifically for the real estate/mortgage sector to improve operational efficiency and build a scalable environment besides saving their time and cost.

data processing for ecommerce


With a wealth of over two decades of experience in offering innovative and end-to-end business data processing solutions for the banking and financial institutions, we provide better products, services, and superior customer experience to ensure transparency, quality, and cost-effectiveness.

data processing for market research

Market Research

Damco being a leading data processing firm, helps you gain insights on the target audience, forecasting marketing trends, evaluating competitors’ strategy with a broad range of web research services, thus helping marketing and web research clients make informed decisions.

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Make The Data Work for You

Learn more about our Data Processing Services and how we can help you overcome data challenges and deliver business value to help you leverage data to improve operational efficiency.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is data processing?

Data Processing is the processing of collected raw data and translating it into usable information.

What are some common data processing techniques?

The common techniques of data processing include Batch Processing, Stream Processing, Real-Time Processing, Multi-Processing, and Distributed Data Processing.

What type of data can be processed?

Data of any form and type can be processed. It can include things like personal information, tax credits, computational data, banking details, images, financial transactions, etc. Data processing companies help in the processing of all kinds of data.

What kind of industries have you worked for? What is your client base?

Some of the industries and domains that we have catered to include real estate, banking, finance, medicine, education, law firms, ecommerce, insurance, etc. As a seasoned company, we offer customized solutions to a wide network of B2B and B2C clients around the world.

What are your service offerings?

Working as an extended in-house team for clients, we assist them with processes such as data entry, data indexing for easy retrieval, data conversion, and analysis to gather game-changing insights and support major business decisions.

Our service offerings encompass data annotation, data entry, data conversion, form and document processing, data cleansing and formatting, scanning and indexing, PDF accessibility, and smart data transformation.

How do you ensure the quality of outcomes?

Having inbuilt quality check systems and a dedicated QA team to check the quality of outcomes, we take pride in delivering efficient, consistent, and accurate outcomes across different industries and verticals.

Do you offer automated data capture solutions?

Yes, we offer automated data capture solutions. Our Smart Data Transformation solution helps you transform unstructured data into tagged and schema-compliant structured XML. We leverage new-age technologies like RPA, AI, ML, and advanced OCR to help you with automated web data collection, extraction, formatting, and tagging.

Is my data secured with you?

We know that data security is a prime concern for businesses and, thus, follow stringent data security protocols. To ensure that no data is hosted locally on our systems, we leverage Secure File Transfer Protocols (SFTP), File Transfer Protocols (FTP), and Virtually Protected Network (VPN) to retrieve and transfer data.

Where are you located?

With headquarters located in New Jersey, Princeton, we have numerous offshoring offices situated in the USA, UK, Luxembourg, and India. Our client support teams are accessible 24*7 who keep them updated about their project’s status regularly.

How do I get in touch with you?

If you have specific queries that need to be addressed immediately, please call us at +1 609 632 0350 or write to us at