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Data Mining Services

Professional Data Extraction Services with Faster Turnaround

Acknowledge discovery process is essential for every business to thrive in the competitive market environment. It allows them to make devise future-focused and fail-proof strategies. We, at Damco, understand it’s importance and offer highly customized data mining services to our clients at much cost-effective rates. Backed by a team of highly-competent professionals, we assist you to manage and extract relevant information from raw data of any size, within the desired time.

Being one of the leading web data mining companies, we follow standard practices of classification, clustering, regression, pattern recognition, and all other associated rules of data mining thereby solving complex business problems using our query tools. Our accredited experts hold extensive experience in data mining across different industry verticals including academics, real estate, finance, marketing, legal, etc. Our offerings also encompass data mining in financial services and social media data mining services.

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Service Offerings

As a full service data mining company, we use the latest techniques to predict future trends and analyze data. Outsource data extraction services to Damco as we have the expert technical know-how of extracting valuable information to deliver in-depth insights to your organization. Our services include.

Web Data Mining

Based on your business needs, be it private or public, we mine data from around the web by leveraging our advanced data mining tools. With have proven excellence in delivering comprehensive web data mining for your analysis team.

Social Media Data Mining

The social media data mining services offered by Damco ensure that you obtain vital information according to your business interests by filtering through billions of posts, interactions, user profiles, and metadata to analyze trends and keep you updated.

SQL Data Mining

Outsource data mining services to Damco and get access to unlimited amounts of information available on the web as our data mining experts are capable of creating big databases of information for modeling, perfect for businesses of all sizes.

Image Data Mining

Damco’s image data mining services allow clients to retrieve and analyze images from varying datasets. We have assisted clients with real estate services, medical image review and tagging, mapping analysis, criminal investigations, geosciences, weather forecasting, and various others.

Excel Data Mining

As an experienced service provider, we have a highly competent pool of professionals who can prepare a new or existing excel database and apply different models and formulas. This is best utilized by organizations for financial and business planning.

Word Data Mining

Our accredited professionals can extract and analyze data from massive volumes of text captured in databases, or printed materials, or Microsoft Word. Financial transaction data, legal issues, medical and scientific research, are some of the industries we have catered to.

PDF Data Mining

By deploying our in-house technology and a host of macros and algorithms, we extract information from PDFs and other resources to meet the client’s objectives. We strive to cater to the project’s requirements and assure easy access to the information.

Web Data Extraction

The well-experienced professionals at Damco can retrieve data from numerous unstructured sources such as online databases, emails, web pages, and various others. They then place them into reuse-able databases to facilitate storage, processing, migration, or analysis.

Data Mining from Online Marketplace

As one of the accomplished web data mining companies, Damco is capable of extracting large volumes of data available on websites and online marketplaces by either using existing automated tools or by building one.

Other Data Mining Services

Data mining for each business is carried out separately using unique techniques such as fraud detection, competitor analysis, customer segmentation, metadata extraction, data interpretation, etc. Also, we provide exclusive Data Mining in Financial Services and prepare spreadsheets of data.

Why choose Damco for Data Mining Services?

24+ years of domain expertise in the execution of data entry and management projects to enable efficient, thorough and accurate output for different industries.

  • We Commit 99.99% Accuracy

    Having in-built quality check systems, our QA professionals guarantee 99.99% accuracy and ensure that the information at all levels is correct, consistent, coherent, and organized in the desired format.

  • Generate over 25000 Leads/Month

    Our data entry experts truly understand the idea behind the process and strive to generate an exponential amount of leads for the clients.

  • Genuine 10000 Surveys/Month

    Surveys and forms tell you what other sources can’t. We get you authentic results as we take this process very seriously. Our numbers are the best in the industry.

  • Global Presence

    With headquarters situated in New Jersey, USA, we offer web research services through our multiple offshore offices across India, US, UK, and Luxembourg.

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Industries We Serve

Real Estate/Mortgage

To augment their direct sales efforts by running successful marketing campaigns real estate/mortgage companies need data for consumer behavior, buying patterns and preferences, and social media along with property data like evaluation, performance in real estate auctions, etc. Being one of the oldest serving web data mining companies, Damco has an experienced team of data mining experts who cater to data extraction services especially for real estate companies.


Ecommerce companies need data pertaining to consumer behavior such as buying patterns and preferences, market segmentation, transaction history along with social listening for precision marketing efforts. Several global ecommerce companies have outsourced data extraction services to Damco for gaining a competitive edge over peers and upsell products to their existing consumer base. Our clients have been successful in gaining deep insights into customer behavior.

Market Research

Data mining is an indispensable task for Market Research companies. Being one of the leading data mining firms, we offer data extraction services for secondary data dump, in house data, data from third party and more. We assist in uncovering tactical insights for market research firms and their clients from the huge volume of data gathered by them over time and subsequent translation into business decisions.

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Quality Web Research and Data Mining Services

Outsource data mining services to Damco and find new trends and correlations in your database through. Share your contact information in the form and we will touch base with you soon.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why should I outsource the data mining process to Damco?

Having a team of competent professionals, we assist you to manage and extract relevant information from raw data of any size, within the stipulated time. Our professionals follow standard practices of classification, clustering, regression, pattern recognition, and other associated rules of data mining. We help businesses solve complex problems using our query tools and advanced data mining techniques. You can bank upon us for speed and accuracy, and we won’t let you down!

Can data mining be performed in-house?

Data mining is a resource-draining process, yet it is essential for businesses to thrive in the competitive marketplace. It helps stakeholders to stay updated with the latest industry events, predict patterns, find relations, and forecast trends to make informed business decisions. It also lays the foundation for data processing and analysis. Errors or inaccuracies in this stage can delay the data processing cycle. Also, incorrect outcomes can deviate businesses from achieving the desired goals.

Instead, engaging in professional data mining services is a smart way out! It is not only a cost-friendly option, but also helps businesses to get essential data within the stipulated time. We, at Damco, have the right blend of skills and experience to perform data mining tasks for you. Our professionals leverage Avant-grade tools for mining data and creating big databases of information for modeling, perfect for businesses of all sizes.

What are the industries you cater to?

Our data professionals hold extensive experience in mining across different industries and verticals including real estate, mortgage, finance, market research, academics, legal, etc. We have worked with a wide range of B2B and B2C clients around the world.

What are your service offerings?

Being one of the oldest serving players in the industry, our service offerings include web data mining, social media data mining, SQL data mining, excel data mining, image data mining, word data mining, web data extraction, and PDF data mining — everything under a roof.

How do you ensure data security?

We know that data security and privacy is an important concern for businesses. Our professionals follow stringent data security protocols and only authorized employees can access the data. As an experienced data mining company, all our practices are according to the set industry standards and comply with all the data-related laws including GDPR, PII, HIPAA, etc., to avoid any kind of legal breaches. You can rely on us for cross-border data compliance management.

Where are you located?

With headquarters located in New Jersey, Princeton, we have numerous offshoring offices situated in the USA, UK, Luxembourg, and India. Our client support teams are accessible 24*7 who keep them updated about their project’s status regularly.

How do I get in touch with you?

Share your contact information in the form below and our representative will get in touch with you soon. You can also call us at +1 609 632 0350 or write to us at