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Service Offerings

Data Mining Services

Being an experienced marketing research firm, Damco has qualified and experienced analysts who can help you manage and extract relevant information from raw data of any size, in a timely and cost-effective manner. We follow standard practices of classification, clustering, regression, pattern recognition, and all other associated rules of data mining thereby solving complex business problems using our query tools. With the capability to extract precise data from various sources for your business or analytics team, we help you achieve your business goals. Our USP is employing latest techniques to predict future trends and behavior which allow businesses to make proactive and informed business decisions. Read More >>

Data Collection Services

At Damco, we believe that the quality of data is one of the most critical factors in the success of a project. Our online data collection services assist clients in obtaining the required data from carefully scrutinized sources. We ensure that the quality of our data respondents and web sources is maintained.

Our process involves excluding duplicates and redundant/obsolete information so that only relevant data is added to your database. We have developed automated tools to ensure a large volume of data is scraped from any website. Read More >>

Database Building Services

As an experienced market research firm, Damco specializes in the creation and maintenance of databases as well as directories. Our trained professionals have developed both technical and commercial databases to date after extensive research. If you have a huge backlog of data and want to get it organized more efficiently, get in touch with the experts at Damco. Our skilled professionals can create, update and maintain your database regardless of its complexity. The databases created and maintained by us are treated with absolute confidentiality. We follow strict quality standards so as to ascertain precision and quality while creating and updating your database. Database building services add crisp, accurate details of new information to your database that precisely match your target market. Read More >>

Data Verification Services

Accurate data is vital for any business; thus, it must be verified before it is used for strategizing or compiling it with the master database of your company. This is why we help you improve and enhance your database by offering unmatched data verification services either through web research or by directly speaking to the relevant person and gathering correct information. In today’s competitive business environment, there is a greater need for companies to keep their database accurate and up to date. Our business market research services include the use of advanced tools and methodologies to ensure that you receive a high quality and accurate data by following stringent data verification processes. Read More >>

Why Choose Damco for Web Research Services?

23+ years of experience in the delivery of accurate Web Research data customized as per different industry verticals with the best-in-class turnaround time.

  • Industry Specific Web Research Services

    Equipped with a global cross-industry experience our professionals have delivered successful web research projects to both B2B and B2C clients based in the USA, UK, and Australia.

  • High Quality Precise Data

    Our QA professionals ensure that the information at all levels is relevant, consistent, exhaustive, reliable and organized in the desired format. 

  • Visual Representation for Complex Data 

    Apart from organizing the required data in text files, Excel spreadsheets or SQL server tables; we provide charts, graphs, and other visual representations to depict trends and correlation.

  • Team of Expert Data Mining Professionals

    Our professionals are adept in mining complex data from all search engines. A dedicated project manager oversees the project and QA team ensures the highest standard of deliverables. 

Industries We Serve

data processing for real estate
Real Estate/Mortgage

Realtors and mortgage companies need access to accurate data pertaining to mortgages, deeds, releases, foreclosures, catalogs for home sales, etc. for their sales efforts and to offer the information to prospective buyers. Being a quality-driven data research company, we offer web research services tailored specifically for the real estate/mortgage sector to improve operational efficiency and to ensure transparency between buyer and seller.


As a long-associated IT partner for e-commerce companies, we offer customized online research services for a specific market segment. We are one-stop provider for information like technical specifications, product descriptions, dynamic pricing, competitor rating and reviews, consumer browsing patterns, product consumption pattern, data from social media content, and more.

data processing for ecommerce
data processing for market research
Market Research

Damco Solutions helps you gain insights on the target audience, forecasting marketing trends, evaluating competitors’ strategy with a broad range of web research services such as product testing data, brand awareness and reach, consumer profiles, price research, and more; thus helping marketing and web research clients make informed decisions.