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Domain expertise, process skills, and technology to deliver topnotch business process outsourcing

Damco is your one-stop solution provider for any back-office, administrative, and non-core business activities that you want to outsource. Our services integrate with organizations, assisting them in achieving their day-to-day data processing needs without the operational and managerial burdens. We combine our proven IT and IT enabled services to provide you utmost in-business value and have rigorous capabilities in supporting any business process with varied complexities.

Data Processing Services

In a tough economy putting pressures on margins coupled with empowered end users demanding best-in-class offerings, Damco’s data processing services, help companies conform to customer’s expectations while at the same maintain profitability. Damco provides end-to-end data services to drive your business with accurate data for effective decision-making. Read More>>

data processing services
Data Collection Services

Data Collection Services

Damco caters to researchers all over the world with general, marketing, educational, or technical based web research services. Damco web research services include data mining, data cleansing, web search, address and email search, tracking and harvesting records & raw data from a screen or a web site, and online research and database creation. Read More>>

HTML & XML Conversion

Damco HTML and XML conversion services are intended to assist organizations needing enhancement/ improvement of their document management. We offer tailored services- HTML conversion services, PSD to HTML service, XML publishing, XML conversion, XML transformation- as per your requirements, and follow an error-free conversion process with zero data loss. Read More>>

HTML & XML Conversion
Prepress Services

Prepress Services

Damco specializes in wide range of composition deliverables, including books, journals, reference works, magazines, directories, catalogues, and so on. By working closely with academic publishers, schools, and other educational institutions, we ensure our solutions meet the needs of the learner as well as teachers. Read More>>

Business Process Support

Damco’s Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services help global corporations improve service levels, reduce costs, enhance process efficiencies and gain access to our best-in-class processes without investing in requisite technology and skills. Damco provides innovative, efficient, and scalable BPO solutions and better ways to manage important, non-core business processes, including finance and accounting, human resources, charity services, forms processing – just to name a few. Read More>>

business process support services
image editing services

Image Editing Services

You may be the best of the photographer but most of the times, to make an image perfect that flawless look is necessary. We at Damco, work with photographers, architects, publications, real estate companies, e-Commerce websites to make their clicks just look perfect. Our creative team uses latest software and techniques to clip, crop, manipulate, enhance and retouch an image, to give your photo that perfect look. Read More>>