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Database Building Services

Utilize Our Data Development Services for Establishing Accurate Database

Damco specializes in the creation and maintenance of databases as well as directories. Our database building services involve development of both technical and commercial databases with thorough research. If you have a huge backlog of data and want to get it organized efficiently, get in touch with data development services expert at Damco. Our skilled professionals can create, update and maintain your database regardless of its complexity. The databases created and maintained by us are treated with absolute confidentiality. We follow strict quality standards so as to ascertain precision and quality while creating and updating your database.

With our db building services, we cater to different industry verticals such as insurance, healthcare, automobile, telecommunication, retail, etc. The databases that we created have been instrumental in successful marketing campaigns bringing quality leads under sales funnel of the client. We have successfully addressed complex and large volume data requirements under tight deadlines.

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Service Offerings

Under our database building services, we add crisp, accurate details of new information to your database that precisely match your target market. At Damco, our trained professionals update your data with higher accuracy and offer unparalleled quality at cost effective rates.

List Building Services

We cover the creation and maintenance of technical, scientific and business databases, directories, mailing addresses, customer lists, and library cards. We provide data collection by means of secondary research and the options to verify data to ensure higher accuracy.

Contacts Database Developments

We collect data and offer the most valuable information for your business helping you in improving the sales and obtaining a brand value. Our robust mailing lists include details such as name, phone and fax number, designation, address, email address, geography, company, demographics, and website URL.

Why Choose Damco for Database Building Project?

24+ years of domain expertise in the execution of data entry and management projects to enable efficient, thorough and accurate output for different industries.

  • We Commit 99.99% Accuracy

    Without accuracy in data entry and processing, outcomes may mislead and confuse the data analysts and insights will deviate from the goal.

  • Genuine 10000 Surveys/Month

    Surveys and forms tell you what other sources can’t. We get you authentic results as we take this process very seriously. Our numbers are the best in the industry.

  • Generate over 25000 Leads/Month

    Our data entry experts truly understand the idea behind the process and strive to generate an exponential amount of leads for the clients.

  • Global Presence

    Headquartered in Princeton, New Jersey supported by multiple offshore offices. Over 1600 strong team across continents.

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Industries We Serve

Real Estate/Mortgage

Our database building services facilitate the creation of accurate and relevant database for real estate clients including information such as brokerage, mortgage, appreciation over time, buyer and seller information, rental and owned properties, proprietorship, etc. The database has helped clients in their direct sales efforts and marketing campaigns.


Through our data development services, we have helped ecommerce clients create database for marketing campaigns. We have organized raw data such as transaction data, site content into a meaningful database which facilitates easy retrieval. We are experts in creating, managing, and updating relational databases.

Market Research

We successfully developed databases for market research firms for their subsequent analysis. From the plethora of unorganized information- both qualitative and quantitative, we have created rich information banks capable of generating actionable insights. From healthcare, retail, automobiles to semi-government organizations, we have covered several domains.

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Quality Web Research and Database Building Services

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