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data annotation services

Data Annotation Services

High quality structured data support for AI/ML models at cost-effective rates

The tech-enabled AI-ML model has become imperative for global businesses. These smart models are driven by a constant flow of precise and high-quality data to learn, grow, and create values. Damco offers data annotation in machine learning, artificial intelligence, autonomous vehicle, robotics and image recognition. Having a diverse pool of accredited professionals, access to the most advanced tools, cutting-edge technologies, and proven operational techniques, we constantly strive to improvise the quality of our client’s AI algorithm predictions.

With the perfect blend of experience and skills, our outsourced data annotation services consistently deliver structured, highest-quality, and large volumes of data streams within the desired time and budget. As one of the leading providers of data labeling services, we have worked with clients across different industry verticals such as Insurance, Healthcare, Retail, and more.

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Service Offerings

Being one of the leading data collection companies with experience in data annotation services for B2B and B2C clients, our professional annotators deliver efficient processing and internationally compliant data management solutions for our clients.

Text Annotation Services

The data specialists at Damco can manage project subtleties right from typical to the edgy ones while incorporating a proportionate text tagging as well as labeling process and assure phrase recognition, text categorization, semantic text annotation, and entity linking. Read More >>

Image Annotation Services

Having access to the most advanced tools, project-specific roadmaps, world-class industry practices, we provide a wide spectrum of image annotation services for machine learning. We can create data sets that reflect the environment where the clients model will be used and help them with successful delivery of their projects. Read More >>

Video Annotation Services

To ascertain a comprehensive data annotation from videos, our meticulous professionals leverage object detection, pose recognition, estimation, and frame-by-frame annotation. We also help our clients to train their visual computer models with accurate video annotation services. Read More >>

Content Moderation Services

Our professional annotators moderate large volumes of content in real-time by leveraging tailor-made AI models and proven operational methods. We ensure that our clients get the full-proof user-generated-content moderation services supported by precision and quality. Read More >>

Why choose Damco for Data Annotation Services?

As one of the leading data annotation companies, Damco offers unparalleled machine learning data annotation at cost-effective rates

  • High-Quality Precise Data

    Our professionals are experts in delivering the best-in-class quality data annotation services with the highest accuracy level by auditing and reviewing data in multiple stages.

  • Assured Data Security

    As a seasoned data annotation service provider, we maintain high standards of data security with privacy while providing data support for AI/ML models to assure confidentiality.

  • Scalable Solutions

    Having a team of accredited annotators, we cater to the client’s demands by providing completely scalable solutions with a quick turnaround time.

  • Global Presence

    Headquartered in Princeton, New Jersey supported by multiple offshore offices across US, UK, Luxembourg and India with over 1600 strong team.

Annotation in Machine Learning

High-Quality Training Data to Accelerate AI and ML Models

As one of the leading providers of data annotation services, Damco has deep expertise in catering to different data formats and industries of varying subtleties.


Health | Life | Medical | Property and Casualty


Balance Sheet | Investor Presentations | Securities Exchange Commission Documents | Income Statements | Cash Flow Statement


Regulatory Compliance | Legislative | Judicial | Tax Treaties | Law Listings


Statistics | Conference proceedings | Journals | Abstracts | Research Papers




Aerial Photography | Satellite Imagery | Facial Recognition | Drone Photography


Internet | Transcriptions | Utterances | Sound Clips | Broadcasts | Recordings

Get Professional Data Annotation Services to Train Your AI/ML Models

Data Support for AI/ML

Faster and Reliable Data Annotation Services

Learn more about our data management and how are professionals can help to deliver constant data streams to fuel your AI/ML-based smart business models. Share your contact information and our representative will get in touch with you.

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