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pdf accessibility services

Document Accessibility Services

Fast, Reliable and Accurate PDF Accessibility and Remediation Services

Compliance with ADA and WCAG allows organizations to make their content and services available to the populace with disabilities. Proactively managing accessibility emphasizes a firm’s commitment to serving diverse users. Under document remediation services, we offer customized solutions to cater to diverse information accessibility needs. We provide cost-effective and high-quality ADA compliance services to ensure that information is 100% compatible with Assistive Technology (AT) software. With a dedicated team of professionals experienced in PDF remediation and a time-tested blend of manual workflows and automated tagging tools, we are capable of rendering any volume of documents that meet the standards of Section 508 accessibility and ADA of the US, and other country-specific accessibility guidelines such as DDA of Australia and the UK.

Damco’s PDF Accessibility and document remediation services take care of the complete remediation pipeline. From the addition of appropriate alt-tags to images to meeting color-contrast requirements– we ensure that the reading order conveys the author’s intent. With a streamlined remediation framework, we assist organizations of different verticals in achieving enhanced accessibility for differently abled users.


PDF Remediation Services

Complete analysis of the sourced document and conducting all applicable tests to identify the accessibility gaps.

Appropriate tagging and alt text insertion for images, diagrams, and graphs – exactly describing the purpose of the illustration.

Accessibility for Content, Tables, Figures, or Forms in complex documents for complete agreement with federal and WCAG 2.0 & 2.1 guidelines.

Bookmark Creation, Hyperlinking, Updating Document properties/Metadata, correcting Language and Reading Order.

Developing/editing simple or complex forms, assigning description labels to each form control, tagging the document with appropriate form controls, and ensuring logical tab/correct reading order of the form.

Validation checks and reporting – professional QA experts test documents for AT compatibility with screen readers and screen magnifiers.

Why Choose Damco for Document Accessibility Services?

More than two-decades long experience in delivering high-quality, cost-effective, and efficient ADA Compliant PDFs to a varied clientele, across the world.

  • ADA/508 Compliance

    We conform to accessibility standards & guidelines including PDF/UA (Universal Access, or ISO 14289) and WCAG 2.0 & 2.1 guidelines.

  • Stringent Quality Control

    Validation checks and reporting – professional QA experts test documents for AT compatibility with screen readers and screen magnifiers.

  • Wide Range of Documents

    Annual Reports, User Manuals, Textbooks, Publication Forms, Marketing Brochures, Training Manuals, and more.

  • Advanced Tools

    Acrobat Pro DC Accessibility Checker, Read Aloud Tools (Adobe, Linguatec, etc.), Screen readers (JAWS, Cobra, Non-Visual Desktop Access, etc.)

508 compliance services

Industries We Serve

pdf remediation services

Publishing Companies

Damco provides professional PDF Remediation services to publishing clients. We have remediated all kinds of documents like handbooks, directories, brochures, flyers, textbooks, etc.

section 508 compliance

Healthcare Companies

Customized information accessibility solutions for making a wide range of healthcare documents adhere to Section 508 accessibility with 100% HIPAA adherence.

508 compliance services

Insurance Companies

Professional 508 accessibility compliance and document remediation services for all types of insurance documents such as ANOC, EOC, SOB, etc.

pdf accessibility services

Government Organizations

Remediation of government resources like forms, reports, handbooks, or pamphlets for ensuring 508 accessibility compliance.

ada compliant pdf

Banks and Financial Institutions

Professional ADA compliance services to convert financial data PDFs to ADA compliant documents. Complete confidentiality for credit card or bank statements, mortgage papers, etc.

document remediation services

Nonprofit Organizations

We are one of the leading PDF accessibility companies working in nonprofit space offering end to end 508 document remediation.

ada compliance service

Educational Organizations

PDF remediation services for textbooks, question banks, maps, diagrams, and other educational material with a faster turnaround.

Discuss Your Project Requirements with Section 508 Accessibility Experts

ada compliant pdf

100% ADA Compliance with Accessibility Standards

Our Section 508 accessibility services cover all types of documents with zero data loss and complete information confidentiality. Share your contact information in the form and we will touch base with you soon.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What makes a PDF accessible?

An accessible PDF is a document that helps people with disabilities to access and read the document. PDF accessibility services format the document in a manner that helps Braille readers and assistive reading technologies like text-to-speech interpret the content.

What kind of documents do you make accessible?

Our 508 document remediation services make accessible a wide range of documents like Annual Reports, User Manuals, Textbooks, Publication Forms, Marketing Brochures, Training Manuals, and more.

How do you make a PDF document accessible?

We first add tags to the PDFs and then add image descriptions. Tags give a logical structure to a PDF and decide how the content of the PDF is presented through assistive technology. We also rectify the reading order and test the PDF before delivering it to you.

Will I have to pay extra for image descriptions?

No, we don’t charge for image descriptions. We write all the image descriptions for your documents without charging anything extra from you.