Salesforce® Lightning Migration and Conversion Services by Salesforce® Experts

The Salesforce Lightning platform is a quantum leap forward in complete Salesforce user interface environment. It delivers amazing tools and services to automate your business processes, integrate with external applications, and provide responsive and compatible applications for any device.

The switch to the Salesforce Lightning Experience can be seamless with the right Salesforce Implementation partner. Damco’s team of certified Salesforce Lightning consultants have been helping several customers cost effectively migrate to Lightning interface in a very short timeframe. From consulting, salesforce lightning migration, application development, implementation, customization, to salesforce lightning support, our all-comprehensive Salesforce Lightning services ensure a seamless migration to Salesforce Lightning without any disruptions in your sales cycle.

Salesforce Lightning Services

Our Salesforce® Lightning Services

Lightning is the future of Salesforce CRM platform. Being one of the best Salesforce Lightning Support companies, we streamline your move to Lightning experience through our comprehensive salesforce offerings a range of services.

Expert Lightning Consulting
Our Salesforce Lightning Consultants are AppExchange champs. They guide you in strategizing your Lightning road-map to optimally utilize Lightning Components and UI.

Salesforce Lightning Migration
As a Salesforce customer, you have made a significant investment in the platform and to ensure you maximize your investment, migration to Lightning experience is of vital importance. Not only the new experience offers additional capabilities but also transforms the user experience as compared to Salesforce Classic. Damco leverages its deep knowledge and experience of Salesforce ecosystem to facilitate hassle-free Lightning migration cost-effectively. Our customers get accelerated time-to-market by leveraging our proven process, pre-built framework and Lightning components for a successful Lightning migration.

Ambient Cross-Device Experience
We customize and solution, transforming it to make it mobile and Lightning-ready, with a responsive UX across devices. Through this capability we help small, medium and large enterprises to revolutionize and fast track their and lightning-ready customization process. In addition to this, Damco leverages its core strengths of developing device agnostic solutions across industries to build robust and scalable lightning-ready solutions around Salesforce and while concurrently ensuring seamless salesforce lightning migration for our clients.

Salesforce Lightning Application Development
We build tailor-made, Lightning-ready customizable apps— for both managed and unmanaged apps—with modern features. Damco leverages its strong legacy and ecosystem of pre-built automated workflows to accelerate the application development process and improve turnaround times for clients across industries. Our seasoned salesforce consultants develop salesforce lightning ready applications at fractional cost while concurrently ensuring the upgradation and seamless salesforce lightning migration of legacy apps of our client’s salesforce environment.

Lightning Community Portals
By customizing solutions using Salesforce Community Cloud Platform, we empower you to provide seamless customer service and accelerate sales initiatives. Damco leverages preconfigured standardized templates to create an offering that boosts customer experience and streamline lead generation process Our seamless salesforce lightning migration services ensures minimal downtime while minimizing the migration cost for our clients.

Lightning Process Automation
Simplify complex business processes and increase sales and marketing efficiency with the Salesforce Lightning process builder that deploys workflow across devices. Our best-in-class device-agnostic applications are intuitive and effortlessly scalable across industries. Our simplified salesforce lightning migration services leverages automated processes and Damco’s established best practices to eliminate the need of manual repetitive workflows while concurrently reducing the migration time.

Lightning Component Development
Customized Lightning Components developed by our seasoned salesforce experts help leverage Salesforce Lightning Design System for responsiveness and fast-tracking future development. Our ready to use, coder friendly interfaces lay a strong foundation and act as repositories for all future development needs of our clients. We leverage our time-tested, structured approach to salesforce lighting migration while ensuring to simplify the lightning component development process for our clients.

Key Benefits of Salesforce® Lightning

  • Optimize Operations – Lightning Process builder speeds-up your regular, repetitive and standard operational tasks.
  • Develops App Faster – Create customized mobile apps faster with drag and drop capabilities of Lightning App.
  • AppExchange Expertise – Extensive expertise in developing outstanding AppExchange solutions that are Lightning-ready.
  • Data Analytics – Use data analytics to create a smarter, more scalable business with insights on trends, predictions, and KPIs.
  • Faster Turnaround Time – Develop reusable Lightning Components that allows you in reducing your application development time and enable future enhancements.