optima pro

Optima Pro

Optima Pro is your one stop field service software solution to manage warranties, contracts, field service scheduling, and spare parts inventory of your service organization while driving significant business results and transforming customer service experience.

This product has been designed with great consideration and keeping the industry standards in mind. It is a comprehensive product but is also kept flexible enough to be exclusively customized to suit your business needs.

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TimeSlate Pro

TimeSlate Pro is an easy-to-use, drag & drop calendar which enables you to create calendars on any Salesforce object and facilitates work with date ranged data easily and effectively. Purpose of this app is to super-charge your productivity and let you manage campaigns, events, tasks etc. effectively which is optimized for mobile devices and can be accessed in Salesforce1 as well.

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address finder

Address Finder

Address Finder helps you find, record and validate the addresses of your accounts, contacts or any other standard or custom objects easily. No matter if you are using standard address fields or custom fields to capture address in your record, you can easily define the address fields mapping which you can use to update using an effective and accurate address search engine.

Address Finder also helps to eliminate the issues such as, wrong & incomplete addresses in your Salesforce & support system, spelling & manual errors effecting delivery schedules and minimize time taken to add a complete address of your customer or prospect.

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Post obeject pro

PostObject Pro

Copying data from your Source Object to Target Object & automatically defining default values for your Target Object was never so Easy & Convenient!!!

PostObject Pro empowers users to create a new object record from the source object and automatically copies all the values from the source object to target object as per specified mapping without need for custom code or automation from Administrators/Developers.

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