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Streamlining Natural
Disaster Preparedness With
Insurance Technology

The Caribbean region faces a high degree of catastrophic events and natural disasters. This whitepaper provides a closer look at the challenges insurance sector faces at the time of catastrophe, why few entities skip catastrophe insurance, ways to bring down the cost of catastrophes insurance and increase risk transfer, and how technology modernization can help Caribbean insurers upgrade their value proposition in 2018 and beyond.

You’ll learn:

  • The challenges with Catastrophe Insurance in the Caribbean Market

  • Insights on Catastrophe Premium Generation

  • Business recommendations to increase risk transfers and bring down the cost of catastrophes insurance.

  • Technology recommendation to enhance operational efficiency and aid natural disaster management.

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?An ideal Software Development Partner will not just play a delivery or management specific role, it will put efforts to catapult your business to a great extent.

Short-term and long-term damage control measures towards the reduction of vulnerabilities

It is important to understand that no partner is perfect and 100% fault proof, but what makes them stand out is how they deal with cases that go wrong, make sure they have a mechanism in place for malfunctions.

Business recommendations for risk management and sustainable business growth

It is important to look beyond pricing, towards real issues like software quality, track-record of the company, trustworthiness, client satisfaction level, process, expertise & experience, and satisfaction.

Disaster management through disaster funds; the role of Government’s in managing catastrophes

Software Development Productivity and Quality

New technology recommendation to aid natural disaster management


Damco Solutions is a technology solutions provider for Insurers around the globe, helping to create greater business efficiencies, maintain compliance, reduce costs, and keeping pace with the evolving market. Backed with our in-depth domain knowledge, technology capabilities, proprietary tools, methodologies, and frameworks, we are well positioned to support Insurance providers in leveraging technology as a strategic asset maintaining competitive edge and sustainability.