IT Market Trends
For 2018 And Beyond

With every business becoming a technology business, CIOs are rethinking the ways to harness the benefits of rapidly changing tech landscape and develop solutions that deliver business value. IT advancements have triggered exciting and unanticipated trends with wider business impact horizons and quite promising global prospects.

This intricate mesh of people, things, and services is getting denser and everything from food, furniture, to even friends is going to get smarter. Not synchronizing your business offerings with the trends carries the high risk of losing the competitive advantage in the market.

The report enlists the top tech trends for 2018 and how the shift led by disruptive technology forces such as mobile, analytics, and cloud will facilitate the change across the IT landscape.

  • Top global tech trends for 2018 and following years
  • Effect of trends on global IT outsourcing business
  • Technologies to integrate in your business to keep ahead
  • Emerging jobs in tech arena

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The Findings and Conclusions

IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Voice User Interfaces, AR and VR, and Blockchains are the most anticipated trends of 2018 and the demand continues to grow.

A global shift towards SaaS and PaaS trend is causing great impact on conventional programming languages and frameworks.

Machine Learning Engineer, Data Scientist, and Big Data Engineer rank among the top emerging jobs in the tech business.

Stack Overflow and Github predicting the broader impacts of trends on technology platforms and languages.


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