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Managing Catastrophe Insurance Challenges With Technology Modernization

The Caribbean region faces a high degree of catastrophic events and natural disasters. The challenges posed to the insurance industry by the occurrence of such unpredictable situations can be mitigated to a large extent by technological interventions.

Technology modernization can help Caribbean insurers to attract new-age customers and increase their customer base and make informed decisions on behalf of insured individuals and themselves.

As a global technology, consulting and digital solution provider for the Insurance industry, Damco can assist you in leveraging technology to modernize existing systems and processes.

Learn about the technology recommendations for empowering Insurers in this white paper— Managing Catastrophic Insurance Challenges With Technology Modernization.

What will you learn:

Contingency Planning for Caribbean Residents

  • Short-term and long-term damage control measures towards the reduction of vulnerabilities.
  • Business recommendations for risk management and sustainable business growth.
  • Disaster management through disaster funds; the role of Governments in managing catastrophes.

Technology Modernization Measures For Caribbean Insurers

  • Digitization of insurance documents and maintaining them in a digital document repository.
  • Outsourcing Insurance Claims Processing services to accommodate a sudden surge in the claims volume.
  • Dedicated mobile application to help underwriters and agents to manage their business from remote locations.