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Simplifying Claims Lifecycle with AI-Solution

Damco partners with omni:us, a provider of AI-based cognitive claims management solution to drive and shape the digital transformation for its global insurance clientele. omni:us brings in modern functionality like data-driven AI model, cognitive information processing, and intelligent automation that simplifies claims handling lifecycle allowing insurers to embrace digitalization, improve the efficiency of their claims process, and deliver better customer experiences.

Backed with over two decades of experience, deep insurance domain knowledge, and industry-proven expertise in emerging tech, Damco is the preferred technology partner of global insurance businesses for accelerating their pace of digital innovation. With a blend of resources and technical expertise, we are the trusted omni:us integration partners enabling insurance enterprises to quickly deploy AI into their claims lifecycle—without costly integration or complexities, but with a seamless augmentation of legacy systems.

Reinventing Claims Processing with High Impact Automation

InsurTech and emerging technologies are rising to the opportunity to enhance the claims lifecycle. Damco and omni:us form mutually beneficial partnerships to aid insurers with deep insurance experience, innovation, and flexibility to transform the claims process, identify trends and solve potential problems seamlessly.

Digital FNOL

Real-time claims management with intelligent claim automation accelerating claims reporting and assessment leading to enhanced customer experience, shorter claims cycle and reduction in claims processing costs.

Claims Indexation

Shorter claims cycle with automated routing streamlining document classification eliminating the manual repetitive work. Result: accuracy, completeness, and scalability.

Completeness Check

Amplifying claims handling processes with AI reducing manual claims touchpoints of low to moderate complexity claims, enhancing the cycle time for remaining manual claims processing, operational efficiencies, and claims quality.

Coverage Check

End to end process automation expediting claims process by eliminating time-intensive tasks, identifying noncovered claims, claims leakage, etc. Automated routing to remove unwanted interactions for high frequency/low severity claims cutting downtime to settle claims.

Why Damco + omni:us

For over two decades, we have worked with many of the world’s leading insurance companies. We collaborate with clients to strategize and implement complex operational changes to keep pace with the evolving market.

Insurance Domain Expertise

Our deep domain expertise helps insurers redefining insurance businesses and operating models by improving their core operations, developing new sources of revenue growth, and pivoting successfully to thrive in a dynamic future.

Full Spectrum of Insurance Services

Damco offers a complete range of services from strategic consulting, to development, implementation, integration, and ongoing managed services.

Insurance Products

Our vast portfolio of Insurance products testifies the deep understanding of the Insurance industry challenges. With our rapid deployable solution InsureEdge and other custom solutions like Brokerage, InsureGo, InsureCRM, we help enterprises infuse deep functionality, adaptive infrastructure, cloud-proven capabilities, to reinvent and scale up their processes.

Emerging Tech

Excellence in emerging tech to help enterprises deliver breakthrough solutions. Our highly specialized resources investigate and apply new technologies such as AI, ML, Blockchain, RPA, IoT, Cloud, and other pioneer technology.