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Manual Document Processing: A Limiting Factor in Business Growth

Processing documents manually can be overwhelming and time-consuming; needless to say, prone to human errors. Moreover, processing and entering data physically into a document management system can lead to further delays in subsequent operations and approvals.

From managing heaps of paperwork to erroneous audits and reporting, let’s talk about some challenges faced by businesses that are still processing documents manually.

  • Time-consuming

  • Prone to Errors

  • Expensive

  • Delayed Approvals

  • Lack of Integration

  • Reduced Efficiency

Damco’s Document Automation Solution

Damco’s Document Automation Solution helps you automate administrative tasks, collect all the data present in documents of different formats, and present reports in real-time to initiate better analysis and forecast results.

It helps you eliminate risks related to human errors and facilitate an automated set of workflows that are in good standing with all the compliance needs. No more tedious paperwork, improper reporting, or erroneous audits.

Bonus – Get all the other project management capabilities offered by for your other work requirements with this solution.

  • Automated approval for submitted documents

  • Custom email templates for automated responses

  • Integrations with the best e-signature tools and platforms

  • Easy reporting & employee-wide status of documents for compliance

  • Process structured or unstructured documents available in any format

  • Reduced to no manual intervention to save time and avoid errors

Why Document Automation Solution?

  • A visual platform for improved user experience and less cognitive load

  • Reduced costs due to elimination of manual document processing

  • A major accuracy uplift in your audits and reports

  • Faster turnaround time for quick approvals

  • Improved efficiency and high ROI

  • Integration with project management tools for seamless user experience

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