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Leverage Marketing Automation to Amplify Marketing Effectiveness

Marketing has changed by leaps and bounds in recent years thanks to the advent of social media. If you are looking to grow your business and ensure that you never let a hot lead get cold, then you need to be quick and relevant with your campaigns.

Be ahead in your marketing strategy with Damco’s marketing automation services. With our marketing automation software, we engineer a seamless process for you that streamlines your content marketing ecosystem across channels and optimizes lead nurturing. With automated systems, your marketing processes take up fewer resources, are faster, and better targeted.

Why do you need Marketing Automation?

Marketing Automation gives your business the opportunity to create more personalized marketing campaigns which can vastly improve lead generation. Customer data can be analyzed so that you market the right products or services to the right clientele at the right time. While it is a cumbersome process to manually maintain multiple marketing channels, measure visitor volume, and keep track of leads, having an automated system can make things simpler and efficient.

Furthermore, our Marketing Automation Software Solutions can provide you with insights on where maximum leads are generated and drive your campaigns to capitalize on this information. You can also scale those processes that have proved to work best. Automating marketing processes also improves your business’s retention rate and better aligns your strategies to meet with your targets.

Platform Offerings


Pardot is a powerful tool for lead-nurturing in B2B marketing from Salesforce. Damco offers services that will assist you in integrating Pardot into your systems. Lead generation and management are made easier with Pardot and email marketing can be streamlined for better engagement.


Oracle Eloqua is a SaaS that has been created for fine-tuned marketing automation. Our Platform certified resources and Platform management services make us the perfect partner to help you employ Eloqua to increase your marketing prowess.


Marketo’s marketing automation software is another revolutionary technology that can enhance lead nurturing and retain existing customers. If Marketo is the right fit for your business marketing needs, then we at Damco can implement Platform certified resources and Platform management services for you.


HubSpot offers a full range of software products to improve your marketing processes. Damco is Platform certified for HubSpot resources and also offers Platform management services. We are in the right position to assist you in becoming a part of the Marketing Hub.

How can Marketing Automation Help?

  • Lead-nurturingWith marketing automation software, businesses can identify which leads are the most likely to convert, and allocate more resources to reach out to them. The software collects information like repeat visits, click history, pricing page visits, and so on to create a lead behavior profile. Processes can be programmed to trigger an email campaign or other relevant action depending on a customer event.
  • Lead quality assessmentNot all leads are generated through a landing page. With marketing automation, businesses can keep track of visitors to blog sites and make assessments based on the type of content consumed. The automated software can then flag those visitors that are high quality leads and should be reached out to.
  • Follow-ups The reason automation is so important for your business is because it is virtually impossible to manually keep track of all processes. Marketing automation alerts a business when to send a follow up email to a lead to give the conversion a nudge. If you miss the right time window for a follow up, you could lose business.
  • Internal communicationsInter-department communication can be streamlined with marketing automation tools so that everyone is on board in each stage of the customer journey. Automation prevents miscommunication and departments like marketing and sales each know when to pick up the reins, so no customer is left hanging.
  • Remarketing and hot leadsMarketing Automation software solutions gives businesses a platform to set their ‘hot leads’ parameters and select potential customers who are a fit. Those leads can then be hit with a remarketing campaign which increases the possibility of a conversion.

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