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Service Offerings

Machine Learning for Marketing Automation

Application of advanced Machine Learning algorithms in your CRM or marketing automation solution to achieve finer customer segmentation, dynamic product pricing, demand forecasting, scoring sales qualified leads through cross-channel marketing campaigns, defining the sales projections, and more. All these marketing optimization approaches lead to improved customer experience and reduce customer churn if matched with personalized offerings. We have a dedicated Machine Learning app development team experienced in integrating ML with automation solutions.

Machine Learning for Fintech

Integrating Machine Learning algorithms in existing Fintech software or a de-novo ML solution for risk management—stock market risk prediction, profiling of clients based on risk score, credit risk assessment; Algorithmic Trading, and more. We have assisted fintech firms to gain augmented data analysis capability via Machine Learning in web development and Fintech software, to achieve higher efficiencies, increased data protection and customer engagement.

Machine Learning Programming

Damco ML team has delivered custom projects of Machine Learning in web development and Machine Learning app development. Through integration of Machine Learning algorithms we have trained existing statistical models for large volume of data for classification, regression, clustering, etc. Our Machine Learning developer team is expert in ML programming languages such as Python, Java, JavaScript, C++, C#, R, GO, Julia, Scala, etc. along with Big Data technologies such as Hadoop, Presto and BigQuery. We have used scikit-learn Python for machine learning models along with Pandas to import data as data frames.

Machine Learning for Data Mining

Damco’s Machine Learning developer team has successfully leveraged Machine Learning algorithms for large volume data mining and web scraping to reveal insights such as correlations, patterns, trends, demand forecasting, and more. Our customized solutions tailored to fit specific industry verticals harness the power of data for efficient prediction models and better decision making.

Why Choose Damco for Machine Learning Development Services?

Machine Learning
  • Custom Machine Learning Solutions as per the industry—Marketing, Healthcare, Finance, Retail, and more.
  • Professional team experienced in implementing Machine Learning in Data Analytics and Business Intelligence.
  • NLP for keyword extraction, Named Entity Recognition, Part-of-speech tagging, Spam Detectors, etc.
  • Expert in working with prominent ML tools—Azure Machine Learning, Azure Cognitive Services, AWS, etc.
  • Expertise and proficiency in multiple technologies and platforms and strong partner network.
  • On-demand scalable resource availability onsite/in-premise or at Damco’s development centers.

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