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Internet of Things

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Create an Enhanced Experience to Inspire Innovation

Internet of Things is here to boost your enterprise productivity, deliver exceptional customer experience, transform service quality, generate new revenue streams, manifest cost effectiveness, and more. Damco supports you in this journey where your devices seamlessly interact with each other to gather, store, and process data. We provide our technology expertise, experience, domain knowledge, technology partners, and a robust delivery mechanism to help you reach newer avenues of IoT.

We empower clients to:

Transform customer experiences

With our IoT solutions, we help you understand your customers and trends better; enabling you to invent what your customers are looking for in advance and transforming their experience.

Generating new revenue streams

With IoT innovation and insights of connectives devices, we help you expand your portfolio and build new services and revenue channels.

Optimize business processes saving costs and efforts

IoT can help you optimize processes around the business lines and functions and also supports remote management leading to significant reduction in costs. With our IoT solutions, you’re able to achieve seamless exchange of information between information between devices and people boosting productivity and enhancing security.

Proactive in applications/systems management

Intelligence and insights facilitated by IoT enable you to proactively predict and fix issues in advance. You’re able to detect the future requirements of the machines and devices, boost the efficiency of systems as per the need transforming your customer experience.

IoT Services – The Modus Operandi

We begin with understanding the business problem you are solving or the innovation you are trying to achieve in the existing systems and processes

Plan and prototype a virtual model to bringing together disparate machines, software systems, and devices on a single platform

Test and conduct simulations on some data to provide you a rough view and POC of the results

Actually implement and conduct analytics on the massive amount of business generated data

Develop a robust and scalable solution to meet your current needs which could be scaled as per the future demands

Manage any issues or disruptions in the on-going operations of the business during implementation