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Damco software solutions helped numerous non-profits and fundraising organizations in the successful implementation of business systems ensuring they have the information they need, where and when they need it for finding funders, acquisition, and utilization of funds and thereby be more accountable. Our services and technology solutions helped to get the maximum value of their data by centralizing it into a powerful system with contact management, donation management, search, reporting, and analysis tools with improvement in efficiency and gain more control of their day to day processes.

Our huge IT services portfolio helps non-profits organizations in achieving their objectives and addressing the business imperatives. Few applications developed are:

  • Campaigns Management
  • Fundraising Management
  • Donor Management
  • Grants Management
  • Membership Management
  • Volunteer Management
  • Direct Debit and Payment Gateway Integrations
  • MIS Reporting Dashboards
  • BI Services
  • Web Presence and Branding
  • E-Marketing and Mobile Marketing Campaigns

Our Success Stories

Here are few success stories from Damco’s portfolio, where non-profits organizations, global provider of door to door fundraising professionals, donor development services, engaged Damco for various technology solutions for their distinct needs.

  • Development of a comprehensive fundraising platform providing complete automation of operations of a large fundraising company handling fundraising for more than 30 charities. The platform had modules for Campaigns Management, Donor Management, Donor Form Entry, Fulfillment, Volunteers Management, Direct Debit and Payment Gateway Integrations and Non-Profits Reporting.
  • Development of a customized fundraising platform for accessing multiple non-profits websites with each having its own highly customized look & feel, CRM and Direct Debit and Payment Gateway Integrations.
  • Design and Development of a Non-Profits Web Platform to showcase the intent and projects of non-profits based organization which would help to achieve their goals and provide base functionality to invite donation and contributions.
  • Development of fully functional non-profits mobile applications that work as a great option and replacement to paper based forms for fundraising activities, and also guides the users on how to make the donations to a campaign using various mobile devices.