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Covid-19 Response


Jumpstart Your Revival Plan

The coronavirus pandemic has accelerated the pace of change for enterprises. By hyper-focusing on reinventing Process (digital, data-driven, automated), companies can emerge stronger with a wider agile transformation. Damco has developed a catalog of ‘back-in-the-game’ offerings for companies that are ready to leap forward. We can help you navigate to a brighter tomorrow beyond the COVID-19 crisis by mitigating challenges and building a better future with technology-enabled solutions and industry-specific services.

Our Solutions for the COVID-19 Reality

Workplace COVID Management

Businesses reopening plans need to be cognizant of balancing return to work with the health and safety of your workforce. Damco’s Workplace COVID Management Solution is helping businesses return to work safely and confidently ensuring rapid deployment and easy user adoption with features encompassing – Employee Health Screening, Contact Tracing, Automated Queuing System, Chatbot, and more.

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Back to Work Solution

Cloud Acceleration

To drive business continuity, enable remote working, and reduce cost amid crisis, we facilitate seamless and quick migration of apps or on-premise legacy systems to any cloud— Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, IBM, Google Cloud and Salesforce. Our complete spectrum of Cloud Implementation Services includes advisory, development, and governance, to enable a successful transition to public, private, or hybrid cloud with zero business impact.

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Cloud Acceleration

Healthcare Solutions

Due to the pandemic, healthcare is witnessing a fluid shift to new realities. Damco is helping healthcare providers digitize their practice with HIPAA Complaint telemedicine solution. Our telemedicine solution is making medical services accessible remotely to patients by using the web and mobile devices.

To help healthcare providers deliver better alternatives to traditional models, we enable providers to scale up healthcare infrastructure with technology-enabled healthcare app development solutions. We focus on the technology trends reshaping the health care industries comprising of digitalization, mobility, big data, cloud computing, data security, and predictive analysis and reporting.

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Healthcare Solutions

Retail & Ecommerce Solutions

From taking brick and mortar retailers online to augmenting the existing lines of products/services for eCommerce, our rapid deployable solutions help retailers to maximize revenue, optimize pricing, improve inventory/supply chain and build customer loyalty during these times of uncertainty. We help you boost your online business and gain actionable insights through feature-packed eCommerce delivery app.

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Retail and Ecommerce

Food Ordering & Delivery Solutions

With social distancing being the new norm, digital is the only way restaurants, food businesses and aggregators can serve to a wider base of customers. Our on-demand delivery app development services help you shift to a new delivery model and build a digital revenue stream for the new normal. Our comprehensive food delivery software solutions consist of seamless online ordering, intuitive experience, real-time tracking advanced analytics, multiple payment options, and more.

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Ordering and Delivery

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Navigating COVID-19 Crisis & Preparing for a ‘Brighter Tomorrow’

How can you make your business more resilient in this rapidly-changing COVID crisis? Download our recent guide for practical insights to navigate the challenges, chart out next course of action and work towards a brighter tomorrow.

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Extending Support For Your Business Through Virtual CTO Services

Damco has committed FREE first 20-hours of Virtual CTO Services to support the industry in these trying times. Our experts work with you to support your big or small technology needs, initiatives and, digital transformation requirements.

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