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Covid-19 back to work Solution for Creating A Safer Workplace


Build a Safer Workplace with COVID-19 Back to Work Solution

As pandemic restrictions are lifted, businesses reopening and sustenance plans need to be cognizant of balancing the return to work with the health and safety of the workforce. Going forward, companies require an automated mechanism to manage the workplace status with regards to employees’ and visitors’ health to assess the business risk exposure.

Damco’s COVID-19 Back To Work Solution assists businesses to track the risk status of employees and workplace in real-time. The solution allows virtual check-in with record keeping and escalation protocol for any at-risk employees, contact tracing, and provides enterprise-wide risk exposure data while conforming to health regulatory guidelines.

Our Back To Work Solution is designed to equip companies in making informed data-driven decisions and initiate preventive measures around their workforce and operations in real-time for a post-corona world.

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Features & Benefits

Employees & Visitors Screening

  • Daily Symptom Tracking of employees through self-assessment via mail and text
  • Use customizable questionnaire and checklist to capture self-declared information from employees
  • Capture details specific to departments, regions, lines of business, and function
  • Collate information regarding existing medical conditions and other risk-screening factors to derive deeper insights
  • Assesses employee health to determine suitability for returning to work

Surveillance & Management

  • Contactless Attendance to ensure safe workplace entry
  • Automated Queuing System to track, control and monitor the number of person entering the premises at any one time
  • Hardware Integration such as Thermal Temperature Screening (Kiosk or Scanner), People Counting/Occupancy Solutions (BLE), Notification to Users if occupancy goes up (BLE), Attendance Solutions (BLE), HVAC System Integration (using ZigBee)

COVID-19 Chatbot

  • AI-powered Digital tool to quickly answer employee queries
  • Fight disinformation related to the pandemic and return to work scenarios
  • Deliver fast and accurate response around COVID-19

Enterprise Risk Assessment

  • Analyze the employee questionnaire data, internal HR systems and guidelines of health agencies to help identify individuals that are at risk and should be denied entry
  • Seamlessly integrates reporting tools with your HR information system for easy deployment


  • Automates manual tracking of workforce interactions to minimize the spread of COVID?19
  • Monitor social distancing compliance
  • Set the occupancy limit for specific areas
  • Determine high traffic areas for increased cleaning/sanitizing

Dashboard & Analytics

  • Get a comprehensive view of enterprise risk exposure to COVID-19
  • Enterprise-wide reports to make data-driven decisions about the wellness of your workforce
  • Real-time, centralized oversight of prioritized alerts, location-specific insights and support queries
  • Get a better grasp of the current situation at a glance
  • Take well-informed decisions to negotiate the pandemic at work

Reopen & Manage Your Workplace Safely

Maintain Guidelines

Maintain the social distancing guidelines and keep employees safe

Early Identification

Control the spread by identifying the symptomatic employees away from the workplace

Insights on Risk Exposure

Calculate the risk exposure with smart analytics establishing a sanitization response

Maintain Record

Automated record-keeping with real-time employee health data

Better Communicate

Built on the latest technologies, the solution can communicate data real-time

Ensure a Safe Return to Workspace with COVID-19 Back To Work Solution