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Cloud Consulting Services & Solutions

Uplift your Cloud Strategy & Deployments

With the entire industry making shifts to the cloud, it’s important to first take a step back and reflect on what suits your organization. Damco provides cutting-edge cloud strategy consulting services that determine cloud solutions that fit in best with your business needs.

For a market that’s rapidly fluctuating, companies need to be equipped with dynamic IT solutions to stand at the forefront of their industry. Damco offers flexible cloud solutions that solve a number of common business challenges:

  • Allowing the integration of existing applications with cloud technology
  • Eliminating the need for new infrastructure, thereby allowing easy scalability
  • Providing for quick data recovery in the event of data loss
  • Optimal use of resources required for network upgrades
  • Staying accessible to multiple stakeholders while allowing for control over data to ensure data security

What We Offer

Cloud Advisory & Adopting Cloud-Enabled services

Damco evaluates your IT infrastructure to determine your cloud readiness, thereby allowing for solutions to be structured appropriately. Find out what cloud technology can do for your business with our cloud strategy consulting services.

Cloud Migration services

Damco helps companies around the globe shift their work to a cloud environment with reduced downtime and operational costs. Our services provide for hassle-free, end-to-end migration of databases, platforms, and infrastructure.

Cloud Product Development services

We facilitate the secure transfer of applications to the cloud using contingent planning. Our cloud product development services have helped clients across business verticals increase their work efficiency.

Redesigning and integrating existing applications with cloud environment

Damco’s cloud application development services increase the scope of existing business applications by using contemporary cloud integration techniques. Operate in the exclusive ease that comes with using applications in the cloud, minus the costs of having to purchase entirely new software.

Executing and managing private/public/hybrid cloud models

Damco comes up with cloud models that are geared for your specific IT infrastructure to perform optimally. Our services in overseeing the functioning of cloud models have mitigated trade-offs and helped companies increase their operational capabilities.

Cloud Technology services (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS)

We offer businesses different kinds of cloud solutions keeping in mind the nature of the organization and readiness for change, especially for wider scale solutions such as SaaS. Our SaaS, PaaS and IaaS solutions ensure that business complexity is tackled with a 360-degree approach.

Modernizing application platforms and data center architectures

Upgrade your architecture with Damco’s cloud services to stay competitive in the market. We enhance your data infrastructure with cloud technology for better adaptability and speed.

Technology Stack

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