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Teck Talk Updated on Apr 8, 2023  |  3 Min Read

AngularJS is a Javascript framework that has claimed a big share among preferred frontend technologies. One of the most utilized web technology, the HTML, was not intended for dynamic views. AngularJS circumvented this issue by letting developers extend HTML vocabulary for application development. As they say, “AngularJS is what HTML would have been, had it been designed for applications.”

Though there are newer versions of the Angular framework available, the development team would decide on the version depending on the project scope. As we will see further in this blog, availability of experienced talent and a range of third party libraries ensures that the app development is sped-up upon employing AngularJS.

The most popular usage of AngularJS has been in development of Single Page Applications (SPA). An SPA is a website or a web app that makes user interaction more convenient by rewriting the current page rather than loading entire new pages from a server. When you build single page applications using angularjs, it will appear more like a standard desktop app because of the dynamic communication with the webserver.

Because SPAs offer better user experience and are SEO and mobile-friendly, app consultants are recommending them for diverse uses. Enlisted below are the benefits you’ll reap when you go for the development of single page web application using angularjs:

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1. Faster Development Cycle

Two-way data binding and subsequent saving of data to the server requires least effort coding in AngularJS. For example, in jQuery, the same task would require you to create object and employ click and event handlers, but in AngularJS you could achieve the task with few lines of code. Instead of writing a lengthy MV pipeline, developers would use HTML to develop the same view with just a few attributes added to HTML code. That is why teams offering AngularJS development services wrap up more sprints in a given time as compared to teams working on coding-heavy frameworks.

2. Seamless Data Management System

Because AngularJS applications are implemented through RESTful APIs, there is no restriction to the data management system and users have seamless access to the underlying database. AngularJS applications can be used to replace existing frontend code, much quickly and easily if the app uses a framework like Django. That is why companies are keen to hire AngularJS Developers for upgrading websites into AngularJS SPAs.

3. Maintains Access Restrictions

For apps that have levels of data access restrictions, AngularJS can easily utilize existing security protocol so that the status quo of access is maintained. An authentication service can be easily created to facilitate communication between the app and the database to get the login status and complete login.

4. AngularJS Ensures High Security

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AngularJS applications use HTTPS interface for communicating with the web servers. This ensures that all sessions are secure and there is a negligible probability of cross-site scripting attacks.

Angular’s $http module offers CSRF protection and developers can implement third-party security libraries such as OAuth. Together with stringent access restriction, the high-security feature of AngularJS has made it a primary choice for enterprise application development.

5. Easier Testing and Debugging

Testing the SPA for load and performance is critical and AngularJS prevents it from being a tedious exercise. Any AngularJS development company will uphold the streamlined testing environment offered by AngularJS. Karma, an AngularJS team product, and Jasmine, another recommended testing framework are two convenient test runners that are popular among QA analysts due to sheer simplicity. AngularJS SPA testing can also be automated using Selenium or Protractor.

6. Popular Frameworks for WebApps

Due to the availability of several popular open-source AngularJS frameworks, developers accomplish accelerated SDLC. QuantumUI, PrimeNG, Lumx, and SuaveUI are some of the UI frameworks that allow extensive customization and building elaborate UI components for web applications.

angularjs web development company

7. Long Term Maintainability

AngularJS is maintained by Google. The development team along with a thriving online community ensures that the current version is stable and patches/bug-fixes are executed timely. Moreover, it is easier to find an AngularJS web development company because of the framework’s massive popularity and a decade-long successful performance.

8. Easier Collaboration

Since most of the developers have some experience with object oriented MVC development for the server side, it is easier to adopt AngularJS. Besides, sharing the components created with AngularJS is seamless, thanks to dependency injections. It is because of this reason that several projects facilitate AngularJS directive bridge libraries for employing an AngularJS directive to use the code for new functionality.

Key Takeaway

SPA development has become the primary application of AngularJS and the trend is still to gear up to its full potential. Due to the unique advantages of SPAs like caching capabilities and responsiveness along with superior user experience, AngularJS will continue to gain momentum.

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