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Agent Relationship Management Solution to Attract top-selling Agents and keep them Committed
Richa Pokhriyal
Richa Pokhriyal Posted on Aug 9, 2019   |  3 Min Read

Damco’s Agent Relationship Management (ARM) Solution

As a reliable digital and technology partner for insurance providers, Damco has developed an Agent Relationship Management solution to keep the agents engaged and aligned with the carrier brand leading to a growing agent network and bottom-line. Our ARM solution can assist carriers through:

  1. 1. Agent Attraction and Appointment

    Customers want to buy what others buy. Hence it is crucial to implement a digital strategy that generates brand awareness for the carrier and keeps the agent the focal point of the transaction. By leveraging web assets and social media for the online reputation we can help customers relate and trust their carrier and agent.

    To facilitate successful appointments, we can capture agent enrolments and distribute campaigns. Employing process automation, transparency in commission, and accurate real-time premium information, we equip the agents with the informational resource they require. We enable agent engagement at multiple touchpoints through e-mail, social media, web, and mobile.

  2. 2. Agent Onboarding

    We understand that an efficient and well-organized onboarding process is crucial for training, engagement, and assessment of agents so that they are well equipped for upcoming business challenges. As a global Salesforce Consulting Partner, we have created an automated and minimal intervention requiring solution to boost the onboarding and training process for agents. Post hiring of new agents, we assist you in creating multi-touch nurture campaigns which simplify, streamline, and overall enhance the onboarding process by:

    Employing a standard and optimized process for carrier onboarding which can be customized as per the business segment

    Establishing a schedule of deadlines that agents must meet to proceed with their onboarding

    Automating e-mail sends to agents by establishing time and date triggers for training programs, financial requirements, educational documents, and prospective customer lists

    Periodically sharing the educational curriculum or producer school to facilitate agent training

    Automating messages for achievements for example when an agent reaches a milestone, and deadlines to recommend next steps

    Automating communication for product information and benefits for timely delivery of company updates or regulatory changes

    Assisting agents in offering a superior and consistent customer experience

  3. Agent Engagement and Retention

    Damco’s ARM helps you to engage and retain agents through:

    Dynamically connecting agents and producers for the latest insurance products and go-to-market campaigns

    Clustering all data-content and reports that the agents can avail for their outreach efforts facilitating consistent customer experience

    Providing direct access to analytics and reporting which offer real-time insights on customer interest and behavior, and eventual use of this information to automate ongoing, co-branded touch-points to keep customers engaged with their agents and journeys

    Updating the agent’s calendar with customer life events and policy milestones to enable up-selling, cross-selling or recommending an add-on

    Updating agents with specific market information relevant to their portfolio along with local market trends or issues

    Programming relevant event communications that can be scheduled conveniently before, during, and after the events

    Keeping a track of agents who are selling and nurturing them with specific best practice campaigns

    Keeping the brand recall through Social Media Campaigns

    Automating cross-sell and up-sell to increase the revenue from the present policyholders and customer base

    Supporting lower-selling agents with production improvement campaigns and review tools

    Developing and distributing advanced engagement campaigns like gamification e.g. milestone-based reward programs, feedback collection, and agent experience surveys

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