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Blockchain Recovered

Blockchain Development Company

Conquering Blockchain for Business

Blockchain has immense potential to decrease operational costs, enable peer to peer capabilities, and ease tracking and verification of transactions. Damco is a blockchain app development company that enables businesses to use blockchain technology and leverage its benefits.

Explore the possibility of your business’ growth with blockchain and pave the way for a future that enables economical and simplified operational processes. Leverage its benefits through our expertise as a blockchain app development company and develop a well-oiled machine.

Harness the Power of Blockchain Application Development

Your business’s success is the cumulative efforts of resources spread across multiple entities. Collaborate and coordinate them with blockchain for a more immaculate outcome. A blockchain app development company like Damco can help you identify if your business is ready to take on blockchain, and also partner with you in blockchain app development.

  • Stronger communication with shared data
  • Cost-effective with no extra processes
  • Tamper-free information storage
  • Secure payment gateway

Our Offerings

Damco’s services can bring blockchain technology to your business and fast-track your growth.

  • Blockchain app development
  • Smart contract development
  • Distributed cloud storage management
  • Infrastructure management
  • Build and test custom blockchain applications
  • Supply chain tracking

BlockChain for the Next Level of Business

Your business can enjoy several benefits with blockchain. The secure and decentralized platform can give your business autonomy and remove dependency on a third party for numerous functions including verifications, payments, and all types of transactions.



Insurance is a booming industry that several people depend on for protection against large expenses like major surgeries, car accidents, theft of valuables, and so on. Blockchain can streamline insurance processes by:

  • Securely saving data on a blockchain thereby reducing the amount of paperwork
  • Speed up the processing of claims through automated systems using blockchain apps
  • Decrease insurance fraud through a data-sharing system between insurance providers


Healthcare is a vast field that can benefit substantially from new technological advancements. Blockchain technology can revolutionize healthcare services by:

  • Securely storing healthcare records in compliance with privacy regulations
  • Using blockchain’s supply chain tracking for seamless coordination with suppliers and vendors
  • Keeping track of inventory
  • Tracking transactions
  • Using comprehensive infrastructure management to ensure the smooth running of systems

Financial Services

If your business involves online transaction, each one needs to be highly secure and have an airtight contract. Blockchain technology solves this problem. Here’s how:

  • Liquid assets can be tokenized and traded on a blockchain securely
  • Liquid assets can use a smart contract which is a self-executing contract that has the terms written in the code. When the terms are fulfilled on both ends the assets are released.


Blockchain can bring all the verticals involved in your manufacturing process together under one central command:

  • Every stage of the supply chain can be tracked and recorded
  • Simplify logistics through quick access of records
  • Keep track of inventory
  • Track shipments
  • Use product engineering to increase production and quality

Blockchain app development can transform the way your business functions. Other applications like crediting staff salaries, having secure tamper-free internal records, and company accounting can all be simplified using blockchain.

Know More About Damco’s Blockchain App Development Services

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