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Quality and testing for insurance can be very complex, often concerned with claims processing, billing, data warehouses (including risk analysis), scalability, security, and of course accuracy. Damco offers specialized software testing services in insurance domain such as Performance, Automation, Security, Integration etc. Our resources are highly experienced in insurance domain and are having industry recognized certifications like LOMA, ANSI, CPCU in Life and Non-Life insurance domains.

Performance Testing

  • End-to-end performance testing specialization in P&C, Life, Health, Pensions & Re-insurance.
  • Includes volume testing, capacity testing, load testing, stress testing, endurance testing, scalability testing and reliability testing while implementing large new insurance core systems like Underwriting or Claims.
  • Regulatory testing specific to various geographies including State-based Insurance Regulatory System, Federal Regulation of Insurance, NAIC, IFRS17 etc.

Automation Testing

  • As insurance applications grow in complexity, automation helps improve test effectiveness across multiple environments, multiple devices, and channels.
  • Test Automation with a comprehensive framework of scripts will boost speed and bring quality to the core modules of Insurance system.
  • Automation driven by SMEs & BAs who are experts in end to end policy life cycle management and who understand business priorities to deliver high quality solutions.
  • Automation testing helps improve productivity, reduce testing cycle time, increase predictability and quality, and lower costs for insurance systems.

Data Centric Testing

  • Data Warehouse and BI testing to provide better insights helping Underwriting and claims departments.
  • Migration testing helps stabilize moving to a new insurance application.
  • Data masking / encryption to manage regulatory needs and secure sensitive data.
  • Testing large chunks of data to advance the quality and speed of application development, implementation, and maintenance of an insurance application.

Security Testing

  • Identification of architectural, design, and implementation risks of a new insurance system or an existing one.
  • Application Security testing against external use by Agents & Brokers.
  • Customer Mobile Application Security Testing to secure customer journey.
  • Network Penetration Testing to ensure there are no leakages from intermediaries contacts.
  • Cloud Application Security testing to ensure all Insurance channels are secured.


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