Data Collection

Data Collection

At Damco Solutions, we are of the opinion that the representativeness and quality of data is one of the most critical factors in the success of a project. Data Collectors at Damco ensure that we provide our clients with sources and data that have been carefully scrutinized. We ensure that the quality of our data respondents and web sources is maintained.

Our process ensures that we exclude duplicates and provide you with relevant data. We have capability to build automated tools to ensure large volume of data is scrapped from any website. Damco Solutions, by the means of its cross border access and subscription to various online tools, manages to fetch online consumer data in emerging economies and of competitive businesses.

Service Offerings

  • Collection from various online sources
  • Web Scrapping
  • Telephone Interviewing
  • Audio Computer Assisted Self Interviewing (ACASI)
  • Questionnaire Surveys
  • Video or audio behavioral assessments
  • Mail Surveys
  • Web Surveys

We have the staff that holds finesse and capacity to collect data in a variety of sectors considering the significant experience they bring with them in implementing complex data collection plans. They are also skilled in collecting multimode data.

To know more about our web research and data collection service, get in touch with the experts at Damco Solutions today!